Transform yourself from runner to racer

You have taken up running and everything is going well.

You’ve shed a few pounds, are feeling physically fitter, mentally stronger and the struggle of those first few runs is nothing but a distant memory as you comfortably cover 5k without the need to walk.

In fact you’re getting so much enjoyment from running solo and tackling favourite routes near your home, where’s the motivation to take the next step and enter a race?

Well, there are lots of good reasons to take the plunge and commit yourself to one of the many and varied events on the country’s running calendar.

And once you have experienced the thrill and fun of a mass participation race, it’s odds on you’ll be back for more.


Entering and completing a race will not only increase your confidence in your running ability, crossing the finish line will give you an enormous sense of satisfaction – you set yourself a goal and achieved it.

The first time you enter a race you are guaranteed at least one thing – a PB, a time that will provide a benchmark against which you can gauge your progress as a runner.

If you’re looking for a quick time from the off, then the City of Lincoln 10Kor the Leeds 10K might be good places to start. Both have flat courses, with super support to get you to the finish line in super-quick time!


Happy to try something a bit more challenging? The Burnley 10K and Sheffield 10K have a few ups and downs – but just as much atmosphere and sensational support to help you power through the tougher parts.

Of course, running is about much more than times alone but there’s no doubt it is always satisfying to shave a few seconds off your personal best.

Having a race date in your diary will provide that extra motivation to pull on your trainers and get out there and train. It will also provide a clear focus to your training.


Preparation is key to performing well and there are lots of excellent training plans that will introduce some variety into your running and help get you to the start line in good shape.

Run For All has 14-week training plans, available free online. Click to explore the plans; there’s one each for beginnerimproving and advancedrunners.

Races are excellent social occasions and an opportunity to rub shoulders with like-minded people who, like you, are up for the challenge. The camaraderie among the runners is sure to spur you on.

And it’s not unusual to see a few familiar faces at a series of events; you can also get involved on social media and share your experiences, tips and aims. Lasting friendships have been made at a few Run For All events!



Whichever event you choose, we hope you enjoy your first organised race. Be sure to let us know how it went. 

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