New-look Steven all set for the first Asda Foundation Leicester 10K

Two years ago Steven Sharp was overweight, had high blood pressure, ate unhealthily and a walk up the steps left him struggling for breath.

But on Sunday 3rd September he will take his place on the start line of the new Asda Foundation Leicester 10K to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

Steven, 53, of Fleckney, near Leicester, said: “Two years ago I found out that I had high blood pressure – my reading was 205/185.

“I went to the doctor who put me on tablets to bring my blood pressure down. I tried to go on diets but they never worked and I would give up. I would eat all the wrong foods and a walk up the stairs would leave me out of breath.”

The turning point for Steven came in February this year when a nurse at his doctor’s surgery impressed upon him the importance of losing weight.

He said: “She helped me to realise that I had to lose weight or I could die and that by losing weight my blood pressure would come down.”

Weighing 112 kg (17st 8lb), Steven started a diet on February 20 and began to exercise more. By the summer his weight was down to 91kg (14st 4lb) and he was able to run 4 miles and looking forward to the challenge of the Leicester 10K.

Steven said: “I want to help others to realise that high blood pressure is a silent killer and that’s why I’m running for the British Heart Foundation.” 

Steven Before And After

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