Be loud, be enthusiastic, keep cheering!

Grace Roberts, 28, joined our fantastic tribe of Eventeers in 2018 at the Asda Foundation Leeds 10K. After running many races herself, Grace was keen to help other runners and give her encouragement to everyone trying to achieve their goals that day.“I love being able to give something back to the running community. I do a lot of races myself and know that none of them happen without volunteers. I also LOVE cheering, loud and enthusiastic is the key.I want everyone to enjoy their run, whether they are out front going for a time, or at the back just trying to achieve a new distance.”

Grace first started volunteering with her running club, Hyde Park Harriers but has also volunteered solo with the Run For All Eventeers.

“I’m local to Leeds so I’ve been able to volunteers at the Asda Foundation Leeds 10K and Leeds Half Marathon in 2018 and 2019. If I’m not running either event I like to go to support the other runners and volunteering is a great opportunity to get stuck in and do this.

You make loads of new friends when you volunteer and Run For All give you lots of information meaning you always feel supported in your role.”

For anyone wanting to support at any of our events in 2020, contact to find out more.

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