Giving something back

Davina Harwood began her volunteer journey 4 years ago at the Asda Foundation Leeds 10K. Having previously run the Asda Foundation Leeds Half Marathon she wanted to be able to give something back and volunteer in her hometown.

Throughout the years, she has also been a part of the Run For All Eventeer team at the Asda Foundation Sheffield 10K and The Yorkshire Marathon, and already has her place on the team for the Leeds 10K and Yorkshire Marathon 2020.

“I had previously run the Leeds 10K along with the Leeds Half Marathon and really wanted to give something back to those who run. Now I generally run the Leeds Half Marathon and volunteer at Leeds 10K. If I can fit any others in depending on locality, dates and work shift then I will try my best to do more.”

Having originally joined the Eventeers team alone, Davina has since spread the word and had her friends and husband join at other events. Davina can usually found be at the finish area of a race, handing out the goody bags or medals to runners who have just completed an incredible journey.

“I love to see how happy the runners are for achieving what they have just done and I like to congratulate them. Everyone is there for a reason and it is nice to be part of their reason, to give something back and show my appreciation when I am one of those runners.

I think anyone who is thinking of volunteering to go along and do it! It’s a great day and even better when the weather is kind.”

For anyone wanting to enquire about volunteering please contact

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