Emily’s sister is back! And with more than 3 days’ notice…

Back for her second Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon, 34-year-old Jennifer Lovelock will be a bit more prepared for this year’s run, after taking part in the 2016 Yorkshire Marathon with only 3 days’ notice.

Taking to the route with her Jane’s Appeal vest emblazoned with “Emily’s Sister”, Jennifer will be running for her the very person she holds closest to her heart – her sister Emily Macaulay.

Emily has been raising money for The Jane Tomlinson Appeal since 2008, inspired by Jane herself and the work Run For All continue to this day. Over the years she has completed some impressive challenges, some of which include running from Exeter to Leeds, all while living with and managing the day-to-day challenges of incurable cancer.

Jennifer says, “My parents would take me and Emily to their running races when we were younger and we would always take part in the attached fun runs. You would think this would paint a beautiful family picture but the competitive streak in Emily and myself meant there was always lots of ‘elbows out’ and sprint finishes for bragging rights.”

Back in 2016 Emily was due to run the Yorkshire Marathon for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal, having raised lots of sponsorship. However, due to her ongoing battle with incurable cancer she took a dip in health and was not well enough to take part.

“Being the typical little sister, I half-jokingly said “I’ll do it for you” and calling my bluff she said “ok!” After giving birth to my first child in October 2015 and having only just started back running I was suddenly on a 3 day countdown to running a Marathon.”

Now with more preparation, Jennifer will be ruling the roads of York once more for Emily. As a physiotherapist Jennifer treats many who have had cancer impact their lives or their families. Inspired by theirs and her sister’s stories she’s motivated to help in any way that she can.

“The Jane Tomlinson Appeal has such a huge place in my sister’s heart and has been a real driving force behind her living with incurable cancer and for that I can never be thankful enough.”

To support Jennifer and Emily click here: https://www.justgiving.com/Jennifer-Lovelock

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