From spectator to runner

Throughout the years, 21-year-old Joe Miskell would often see marathon runners on their final stretch to the Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon finish line as he made his way from his home in York to the University library. Now he will be joining those runners as he aims to complete his first marathon.

“Running a marathon has always been a bucket list item for me and I wanted the Yorkshire Marathon to be the first one that I ran.”

Setting his sights on crossing the finish line of a marathon, Joe knew he had to start somewhere and only being able to run a couple of kilometres, he knew he would have to dig deep and push himself physically to prepare for such a challenge.

“Progress was very slow to begin with, but after devoting a lot of cold winter mornings over the last year and staying focused on my goal, my training has got me to where I am now.”

Joe will be raising money at this year’s Yorkshire Marathon for the Mentally Fit York Fund, which promotes good mental health at both the University of York and the city of York.

All donations will be used to fund initiatives such as mental health first aid, as well as research projects, which look to further our understanding of mental health issues and the barriers to accessing support services. The donations will also go towards providing Mental Health Nursing Scholarships, helping to ensure that the NHS is equipped to deal with the increased demand for mental healthcare.

“Being a student at York for three years I want to be able to support a cause that has been so important in my social circles. I saw the impact of poor mental health in many students during my time there and saw the benefits of the support provided to individuals. To me it’s important to further the understanding of mental health and how it can be treated.”

Alongside raising money, Joe is set on inspiring others to run a marathon themselves or setting their own physical goal.

“I’m definitely not suited to running, but I don’t want that to stop me running a marathon and if I can do it then many many others can!”

Joe’s fundraising page can be found at:

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