Sheila gets ready to make her marathon debut

Teaching assistant Sheila Groves took up running to get fit enough to take part in the Race For Life.

Now 13 years, a series of injuries and a brain tumour later she is getting ready to tackle the Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon on Sunday 20th October – her first crack at 26.2 miles.

In 2008 Sheila was jogging with friends when she suffered a seizure. She was taken by ambulance to hospital where CT and MRI scans revealed she had a brain tumour the size of an egg. Five days after her seizure Sheila’s tumour was removed in a six-hour operation.

Sheila, 52, said: “Two weeks later I was given the wonderful news that my tumour was benign and five months later I returned to work part-time. I am eternally grateful for medical science. Things could have been completely different.”

Since her recovery she has completed many runs and raised money for various brain tumour charities but opted not to fundraise this time as her training has been hampered by injuries.

Sheila said: “I have been very unsure if I would even get to the start line, and I would hate to let sponsors down. During my training I have been beset with injuries, hyper mobility really doesn’t help with running, but I’m very determined and extremely stubborn and will be on that start line.

“Being hyper mobile I’m more prone to injury than most. I’ve had Achilles tendinitis, calf problems, SI joint dysfunction and more recently a groin strain.”

“Getting to the start line of any race is a huge achievement, undertaking the training and crossing the finish line each time. However, completing my first marathon will top anything else that I have achieved.”

And she won’t be short of encouragement.

Sheila said: “My biggest motivation is my husband Mark, and my sons Adam, Charlie and Ben. They are my biggest support.”


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