Partnership will see finish line boost for thousands of runners

Thousands of runners taking part in some of the North’s most popular runs this season are in line for a tasty post-race boost.

Goody bags handed out at the finish of the Asda Foundation 10K Series and The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon will include bottles of Muscle Milk Protein, an easily digestible high protein, low sugar shake that is suitable for athletes of all standards, as well as those simply seeking to lead a more healthy and active lifestyle.

Jane Tomlinson’s Run For All today announced an agreement making the drink the official recovery product of its 10Ks and the marathon.

Klaus Graf, Muscle Milk Protein European and UK general manager, said: “We are very much looking forward to our involvement with the high profile events organised by Run For All.

“Thousands of runners will be taking part to raise money for worthy causes and to achieve their own personal goals. We are really pleased that once runners cross the finishing line, Muscle Milk Protein will be available to help celebrate their victory. There are many benefits to incorporating protein into your fitness programme, and we look forward to educating Run For All participants on the ways Muscle Milk Protein can fit into both men and women’s daily routines.” 

“We wish every success to all those preparing to take part in a Run For All event.”

Lynne Preston, Events Manager at Run For All, said: “We are delighted to have Muscle Milk Protein on board as we look forward to our 2014 events.

“Just as the right pre-event preparation is important, post-race recovery should not be ignored. We like to offer everyone taking part in our events the best possible support and Muscle Milk Protein will be a welcome addition to our goody bags, providing people with a convenient source of protein.”

Asda Foundation 10Ks take place in Hull on June 8th, Burnley June 22nd, Leeds July 20th and York August 3rd. The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon will be held on October 12th.

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