ERDINGER Alkoholfrei named as official recovery drink of the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon Series

Run For All, organiser of the series, has agreed a partnership making ERDINGER Alkoholfrei alcohol-free beer the official recovery drink of the Yorkshire Marathon, Yorkshire 10 Mile, Leeds Half Marathon and Yorkshire Half Marathon-Sheffield in 2017.

After crossing the finish line, participants will be able to celebrate in style, as they are immediately handed a cold and refreshing ERDINGER Alkoholfrei drink to help them rehydrate and recover.  Brewed under strict Bavarian purity laws, the German brewed isotonic beverage is already a favourite amongst social athletes and can be found at over 350 mass participation events across Europe.

The non-alcoholic drink is naturally brewed, containing essential vitamins B9 and B12, low in calories and sodium, chemicals and preservatives, making ERDINGER Alkoholfrei the perfect recovery drink for runners of all levels.

Events Director Peter Gowans, from ERDINGER Alkoholfrei, said: “We very much welcome the opportunity to be involved in the Yorkshire Marathon Series of events, which we know are both very popular and successful.

“We are very excited to be partnering with the events and will be on hand at the finish lines to give runners a cold, refreshing isotonic drink that will not only aid their recovery but enable them to celebrate their victory in style”

Siobhan Curtis, Run For All’s corporate and sponsor manager, said: “We are delighted to be linking up with ERDINGER Alkoholfrei to be the official recovery drink for the four events that make up the Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon Series.

“It will be a great way for runners to celebrate their achievement and quench their thirst at the same time. We’re sure the thought of a cold drink at the finish will help encourage people around the course!”

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