Alexandra’s journey from crutches to a 10K

A little over a year ago Alexandra Boucher was on crutches and reliant and on friends and relatives for simple daily tasks as she struggled with a degenerative disease that affects her physical and mental health.

Since then the 26-year-old mum of one has managed to climb Mount Snowdon and is now preparing to tackle her first 10K in aid of charity.

On Sunday 18th June she will proudly take up her place on the start line of the Asda Foundation Hull 10K along with thousands of other runners.

Since she was five-years-old Alexandra has suffered with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, which has a major impact on her life.

She said: “The syndrome affects all aspects of my life from physical to mental health, including mobility and gastric problems as well as fighting with chronic fatigue and pain. Last year being only 25-years-old and a mum to a 3-year-old, I decided I needed to kick this terrible rut I was in and take back control of my life instead of the illness living it for me.”

Alexandra, who lives in Hull, found herself a personal trainer and decided to set herself a new challenge each year, starting with Mount Snowdon.

She said:”It took me eight hours to climb up and down it but I did it. I managed to raise some money for Cystic Fibrosis Trust as well. This year I had not yet set a challenge and when my personal trainer mentioned the 10k it gave me food for thought.

“I had never run in my life until January 2017 when I decided to take part. Thanks to the ongoing training with my personal trainer and pushing myself to run at least twice a week, I have gone from a non-runner to be able to run (in intervals) for a grand total of 10K.

“I did a test run last week and it took me one- and-a-half hours. I was very proud of myself. Not only have I learned to run and pace myself but I have also managed to take back more independence in my daily life. I now do most things for my daughter as well as walking my dog for an hour and half each day  - with no crutches."

Alexandra said she was excited about the run and added: “The adrenaline rush will be amazing and being able to say I have taken part will be amazing.”

 She is raising money money for Ehlers Danlos Support UK and her fundraising can be supported at

Alexandra Hamby

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