Determined Carol all set for Hull 10K challenge

A quality manager for a language services company will let her actions do the talking when she takes part in the Asda Foundation Hull 10K.

Carol Jones was living in Coventry when she decided to take up running. She had only completed a couple of run-walks when she was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Following successful treatment she joined a running club and managed to complete her first park run.

Soon after she moved to Hull and set herself the target of completing the Asda Foundation Hull 10K on Sunday 18th June. 

Carol, 53, who works for AA Global Language Services based at Hull Marina, said: “I moved to the north in May 3 years ago and saw the banners promoting the event immediately.

"At that time I had never run a race before, not even a 5K, and I wanted to challenge myself and see if I could actually do it. So I turned to my partner and said ‘let’s do that next year.’

“When I moved to Hull I joined Fitmums and, although I haven’t improved any, their ethos means that I have continued to run short distances and enter races just for the fun of it. I have done a few now, but Hull 10K has great support.

“I had never heard of Jane Tomlinson before I moved here, and I sat down and read about her. I found her story and strength of character to be amazing and it just shows if you want to do something you can.

“I am nervous about this 10K as I’ve been struggling with injury for some time due apparently to a stress fracture, and I haven’t run more than 1 mile in quite a long time now.

“I now live over the bridge although I work in Hull and lived on the marina for three years. I turned 53 in December and this year is my fifth year in remission and I’ve lost a few friends to this awful disease along the way.”


Carol Jones

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