Hayley’s up for a Hull challenge

Just over a year after being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis a Hull mum is using her love of running to help a charity which has provided her with valuable support.

Hayley, 32, is taking part in the Asda Foundation Hull 10K on Sunday 18th June to raise money for the MS Society.

Hayley, who is married with a son, said: “I was diagnosed with RRMS just over a year ago after a short spell of peculiar symptoms and was quickly put on a monthly infusion of a disease modifying therapy drug to try and halt further damage occurring to my brain and spinal cord.

“Without funding, research into this drug - and others in the pipeline -  would not be possible, so it just makes complete and utter sense to try and raise awareness and hopefully a little bit of money for the MS Society.

“The society heavily support sufferers of multiple sclerosis both emotionally and financially, and I found their source of information a huge help in the initial stages of my illness. Doing a little bit of fundraising will help me pay towards that debt.”

This will be the fourth time Hayley has taken part in the event.

She said: “I started running about four years ago, initially as part of my mission for weight loss but I soon fell in love with running. Prior to my diagnosis I did lots of running but have to take things a little slower nowadays.

“Running races/organised events is a lot of fun once you get passed the physical strain. The camaraderie between friends and strangers is so nice to see and no matter how tough it gets, you’re greeted with encouragement from spectators and fellow runners alike.

Admitting to feeling a little nervous about the run, she added: “I can do a 5K easily on a good day, and I’m hoping sheer luck and adrenalin can push me round the rest of the way.”

To support Hayley’s  fundraising go to https://www.justgiving.com/fundraising/H-M-C

Hayley Marie Crowther 2

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