How to choose the race that's right for you

There may have been a time when the only thing you ever exercised was choice - whether to have wine or beer, chocolate or chips.

But those days are behind you. You’ve taken up running, lost a few pounds and feel ready to take part in your first race.

But which one to choose? There are lots out there and a lot of issues to consider.

Clearly one of the first things to decide is how far you want to run.

A 5K is an obvious starting point and your local ParkRun is great motivation at getting you out of bed and into your running shoes of a weekend.

But if you want to challenge yourself a bit further - and put your improving fitness to the test - a 10K road race could be the one to take on.

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Whichever distance you opt for, make sure you have enough time to get adequately prepare. 

Training programmes are widely available for all distance and all abilities. (See our own beginner's plan here).

Arrive on the start line in good shape and raring to go and your race day experience is more likely to be positive.

Having decided how far you want to run, the next thing to consider is how far do you want to travel to run. An event close to home has the advantage of being convenient and you may even be familiar with the route.

Should you target an event further afield, make sure you do your research. How long will it take to drive? What are the public transport links like? Will overnight accommodation be needed?

Are there any changing/shower facilities available? Aim to arrive feeling calm, in control and with no distractions to hinder your performance.







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If it is your first race, you might want to consider choosing a popular event that attracts large crowds like the Asda Foundation Leeds 10K. The support of enthusiastic spectators can be a great morale booster, give you the motivation to get to the finish and make race day a truly enjoyable experience.

For a first race it may it be worthwhile to choose one where your entry fee includes a T-shirt and medal. While the sense of achievement in completing your first race will stay with you forever, it’s always nice to have a permanent reminder of your big day.

Eye-catching medals, well-designed tech T-shirts, cheering crowds and supportive fellow runners are just some of the features that prompt thousands of runners to choose a Run For All event.

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Why not check out our full programme - and whichever event you choose, good luck and enjoy! 


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