Go the distance this Christmas in the search for that perfect gift

Left the Christmas shopping a little late? There's still time to go the extra mile in the search of the perfect gift

Christmas is fast approaching and many people are wrestling with that annual festive dilemma – trying to think of the perfect gift for their loved one.

A quick trawl of the internet throws up some possibilities, especially if money is no object.

A pair of Yves Saint Laurent crystal-embellished boots are a positive snip at £6,858, or you could plump for a £7,999 Chanel silver calfskin basket – the sort of thing one’s butler will find useful when he goes to the supermarket to pick up a few essentials for one.

If the butler is not a basket sort of person, a Velement leather and string bag at £2,890 could be an alternative.

For literature lovers, a set of Winnie The Pooh books – all first editions signed by the author and illustrator – could do the trick at £30,000.

At the other end of the scale, a survey of 2,000 people carried out to find the worst Christmas present ever received produced some astounding answers.

The list included a can of spam, maggots, a car exhaust, 20ft of chain, vacuum cleaner bags, a jar of gherkins and an extension lead for a lawn mower. All panic buys, apparently, by people who had left their Christmas shopping to the last minute.

Here’s a suggestion to help you solve the festive gift dilemma – why not treat yourself, your loved one and friends to a run. Enter an event and you can enjoy a guilt-free Christmas knowing you’ll soon be in training and burning off those excess calories.

Whether you buy a place in a 10K, a half marathon or a marathon, it’s a gift that promotes health and fitness and, if you choose a city or town you’ve never visited before, you could make a weekend of it and enjoy a mini-break, too. 

Buy someone a run and you are buying them an experience, a challenge, a memory and a sense of achievement.

Why not check out Run For All's 2018 season and see if you can find the perfect pressie for the runner, jogger or walker in your life.

You could even shell out for a super-value season ticket and really get in their good books! 

It could be the best bit of Christmas shopping you’ve ever done! Merry Christmas! 








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