Improve your running 15% with music!

Increase your performance levels 15% in your next run by discovering your optimal running playlist.

Its widely regarded that listening to music can improve performance in endurance sports such as running.

Professor Costas Karageorghis of Brunel University is an expert on the subject. He often refers to music as ‘legal doping’ when it comes to running. He suggests that music can improve performance by a massive 15%.

But let’s look deeper into the subject. How could you optimize your running performance by mixing up the tunes on your running playlist.



Yo! Yo! Yo! Most Rap songs have 110BPM (beats per minute) which keeps you at a steady pace ideal to help your body flush lactate acid. Rap is a must for your cool down playlist. 

Cheesy Pop

It is essential to listen to music that you resonate with! If you listen to songs that you don’t like, even upbeat ones, this can hamper your performance. So if cheesy pop is your flavour of the day, then pump up the ABBA and become a Super Trouper!

Indie Classics

Many of the Run For All team are partial to the odd 'indie banga'. Whilst the uplifting guitar and occasional catchy synth provides great motivation to keep your legs pumping, the big sing along choruses sometimes becomes an unwelcome distraction to your breathing technique. If you're like us, and likely to get carried away, we don't recommend this genre.


Grime is perfect for intensity training! Higher BPM, more bass, more lyrics; are all essential factors to keep your legs pumping when the going gets tough. So let’s turn up the Stormzy boi!



Now then mon! Although the BPM of reggae makes the music less effective when it comes to getting your speed up, the general upbeat, jolly tune of the genre could have a serious positive effect of on your mental state during your run. We all know endurance running is a mental battle as much as physical one, so reggae could be the perfect sound to keep you smiling on your way to the finish line. If you fancy a higher BPM but the same uplifting tune, then pop on your porkpie hat and try a bit of Ska music.

Metal… and its many sub genres

Sadly, here at Run For All, we struggle to tell our crust punk from our post-black metal. And in this blog we are not going to pretend that we've suddenly become metal experts. However, we do know running, so listen up. Running to metal is seriously worth a try. The blistering riffs will power you up daunting hills and fuel your sprint towards that finish line. Give it a go!

Classical Music

Imagine running through the picture perfect countryside, on a discreet country road listening to a symphony. Sounds pretty good right? Incredibly relaxing, you’d be at one with your thoughts and feel so unbelievably sophisticated whilst doing so. Don’t know where to start? The following songs are regarded as great classical music to run to: Flight of the Bumblebee, Sabre Dance and Canon in D. However, a personal favourite of ours is William Tell Overture (The Lone Ranger Theme Song).

utilise your new found skills and train for a challenge!


We hope this has helped you create a super uplifting playlist that encourages you to pull on your trainers and get training for your next Run For All challenge.

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