A fools guide to logging your final week of the #WinterRunderland challenge!

'WEEK FOUR' is the BIG ONE running from 22nd-31st December and so our #WinterRunderland Elves have had to come up with a new way to log your runs!

What's going on in 'Week four'?

We're here! Your final 'week' of #WinterRunderland and it's the BIG ONE 🎅🎄☃️ Over the Christmas period, from Saturday 22nd to Monday 31st, you will need to complete at least three runs - consisting of three miles or more - to get your name in our prize draw to WIN FREE ENTRY TO OUR ENTIRE 2019 SEASON

*Winner announced Friday 4th January!

How to log your runs?

This Christmas time our #WinterRunderland Elves have been pretty busy! They’ve been working hard to find an easy way of logging your runs over the festive period and by the power of Christmas spirit - they’ve cracked it!

Instead of telling the #WinterRunderland Elves every time you do a run, you're going to need to help them out a bit more.

You now need to log your total number of runs and total mileage yourself 😃 And on New Year's Day we'll post on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram detailed instructions on how to enter your runs into our running log.

*This running log will also provide you with the opportunity to add runs and miles in case you have any of your 'WEEK THREE' runs missing 🏃🏃🏃

What you need to remember:

Don’t get your name on the naughty list!

When you can, please include links so the Elves can see your runs (they’re not going to tell you off if you don’t).

Because it’s Christmas, our Elves are relying on your Christmas spirit and trust that you won’t tell lies which is really not worth the risk! You could get your name on Santa’s naughty list for next year.

Merry Christmas and let’s finish this #WinterRunderland with a real festive bang!


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