4 Super Scenic Trail Runs to Mix Up Your Training Routine

Mix up your training routine with our 4 favourite trail runs and treat yourself to some stunning Yorkshire scenery!

Bored of your normal running route? Need to some fresh scenery? Check out our 4 favourite Yorkshire trail run routes to try this weekend.

Doing the same route week after week and year after year will eventually become ineffective.

Your body responds most strongly to unfamiliar stimuli! So change up your routine and try some of these unfamiliar, yet picturesque, trail runs.


1. The Cleveland Way, Osmortherley


If you can't decide whether you prefer dramatic coastline or heather moorland then the 109 mile long Cleveland Way is your perfect trail. With fabulous views, castles, ancient stone crosses and fishing villages tucked into tiny coves it has the lot.

This lovely location has a huge variety of running routes to offer whatever your ability! If you can follow a footpath on a map it's very easy to make up a circular route using the Cleveland Way.

The terrain is incredibly varied and can sometimes be challenging. With paved trails, woodland, heather moorland you are sure to be kept on your toes running here.


2. Valley Gardens and Pinewoods, Harrogate


A great short run to lift your spirits!

Valley Gardens and Pinewoods are situated at the highest point in Harrogate, however, many of the paths are relatively flat. This run is ideal to pick up the pace and chase an elusive PB.

Starting at the garden's gates, your run takes you through the spectacular Valley Gardens and immerses you in a selection of colourful seasonal flower displays.

Leaving the gardens, head south-west taking Valley Drive, Harlow Moor Drive and finally Nursery Lane where you will find Pinewoods.

A totally British woodland adventure awaits you as you enter Pinewoods! The paths will remain clear throughout, so just take which ever route you fancy!


3. The Millennium Way Walk, Bradford


The Millenium Way Walk is a 45-mile circular route around the west of the Bradford District. Don’t worry no one is expecting you to run it all!

Our favourite stretch begins at the Dick Hudson pub – we don’t recommend a heavy lunch beforehand.

Follow the Dale’s Way Link for approximately 4 miles. Beautiful, luscious green, countryside every step of the way.

Finish the run on Millennium Way! Here you will be entering the delightful town of Ilkely which offers a variety of independent coffee shops and bars to help quench your thirst and ease those weary legs! 


4. Swinsty Reservoir, Harrogate


Swinsty Reservoir offers a series of wonderfully scenic runs around the reservoir - depending on how far you fancy running.

Fantastic, picturesque scenery will surround you as you take on your chosen route. This is a great place to run for those looking for a bit of peace and quiet - even on a Sunday morning!

Be warned, it can get a bit boggy in the winter - adding to the challenge.

Nonetheless, take our word for it, the tranquil Swinsty Reservoir is well worth a visit!

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