7 Reasons to Run Our Sheffield Half Marathon

Still need convincing to sign up for the Sheffield Half Marathon? Here are some cracking reasons to take on Yorkshire's favourite Half Marathon on Sunday 8th April!


1. Picture Perfect Peak District Surroundings


Run through beautiful countryside and enjoy picture perfect views of the Peak District. Conquer the climb to Ringinglow and treat yourself to the fabulous sites of the South Yorkshire landscape.

2. Great Atmosphere


The Steel City spectators create one of the greatest atmospheres of all the Marathon Series Events! The Sheffield Half Marathon draws in thousands of fun-loving characters from near and far.

3. Become Royalty in the Hill Challenge


The Sheffield Half Marathon offers runners a unique opportunity to become royalty! Conquer the climb to Ringinglow in the fastest time and you shall be crowned King or Queen of the hill!

4. Get Healthy


Running is among the best aerobic exercises for physical conditioning of your heart and lungs. Studies have shown the health benefits to be enormous, reducing the likelihood of everything from the common cold to cancer.

5. To Surprise Yourself


Challenge yourself to the Sheffield Half Marathon because you are bound to surprise yourself! Let it fuel your ambition and inspire you to aim for things you never before thought possible.

6. Look a Pro During the Downhill 10K


The grueling uphill challenge is rewarded with a delightful downhill section lasting approximately 10K. They do say ‘what goes up must come down’! Anyway, as you gracefully glide down this decline, it is hard not to look like an absolute pro-runner.

7. City Centre Finish


A fabulous, triumphant City Centre return is one of the greatest reasons to run this Half Marathon. You are adoringly welcomed by the steel city faithful as you cross the finish line in front of the majestic Town Hall!

Find out more about our Asda Foundation Sheffield Half Marathon

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