Apple Crunch and Spicy Cinnamon Sprint Pancakes!

Healthy Pancake Recipes that will Blow Your Mind, Not Burst Your Belt Buckle!

Try something new this year! 

Our Healthy 'Apple Crunch and Spicy Cinnamon Sprint!' pancakes are sure to blow your mind!

The pancake batter is packed full of protein for that extra strength needed at 'crunch time' when legs would usually tire.


Ingredients (makes eight):


  1. Mix dry ingredients in a large bowl
  2. Add milk, applesauce and vanilla to the bowl and mix - not too much or pancakes will become tough
  3. Gently stir in egg whites and apples
  4. Lightly grease a hot frying pan with coconut oil or cooking spray
  5. Cook until bubbles form on top
  6. Flip!
  7. Serve with warmed applesauce, honey or real maple syrup. Enjoy!
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