Don't Give Up! Here are 7 Simple Motivation Techniques to Keep You Running

Get yourself back on the road to running success with these 7 simple motivation techniques

Lost your running bug? Don't worry we understand. Whether it be at the very start of training or later on, everyone can struggle to motivate themselves. 

Luckily your good friends at Run For All are on hand to help... These seven simple motivation techniques are bound to bounce you back onto the road to running success!

1. Find a Running Friend

When it comes to running, there’s strength in numbers. A recent England Athletic study found that 90% of  runners feel a significant boost after exercising as part of a group - due to increased motivation and new friendships.

2. Switch-up Your Surface

Road-running is not the only answer, so mix it up! The unstable surface created by a sandy beach will challenge your foot muscles in new ways. Plus, trail running – taking things off-piste – is one of the strongest exercise-induced mood boosts.

3. Reroute Your Running

If you’re a pavement purist, that’s fine too. But novelty is the key to longevity. So switch up your routes a couple of times each week to keep things interesting. You can either deliberately get a bit lost and then find your way home as part of your jog, or use an app like Map My Run to discover new options in your area.

4. Swimming, Swimming, Swimming!

To finish your run strong, you need to warm down, cool off and take a shower. The first two are for your body’s sake, the last one is just common courtesy for those around you. Combine all three and make the swimming pool the endpoint of your run. Some light front crawl is a great way to gently reduce that burning lactate build up, while the water cools you off.

5. Set Challenging Goals

Exercise psychologists have proven, in study after study, that having a clear goal to work towards is like having a drill sergeant at your back. You remain motivated. You work harder. You get more from your run. Make your next goal a little loftier: overcoming what you perceive to be a great challenge increases your pain threshold and sense of self worth. Nailed a 5K recently? Try one of Run For All's 10K challenges?

6. Change Up Your Tunage

We all know a solid workout mixtape can help you ignore exercise pain, run harder and more frequently. But did you know that it can speed up your recovery, too? Research in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning discovered that listening to songs at a steady 110 bpm helps your body flush lactate. That means some steady rap music is your new post-run massage - turn up the Snoop Dog!

7. Treat Yourself to Some New Trendy Kit

The theory of 'enclothed cognition' suggests that dressing the part motivates you to act it out. Which is why when you buy yourself a perfectly cut gym t-shirt or beautiful new pair of leggings, you'll not only be looking the part, you'll be feeling it too!

Why not sign up to one of Run For All's fantastic events as your perfect motivational goal? There's plenty of exciting events to try out across some of the UK's most stunning cities.

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