7 essential tips for running to work

Freshening up your commute with a run to work on Clean Air Day? Avoid being a foolish, smelly disaster and look like a pro with these 7 essential tips!

We are so excited that you are running to work on Clean Air Day with us! But we are also conscious that we may be sending you in blind. Therefore, we thought we’d give you some top tips to keep your commute smooth.

1. It’s all about the rucksack

Pack light! Only bring you absolute essential and try and leave as much as you possibly can at your workplace. You don’t want the be lugging around an unnecessary weight do you? Try and invest in a decent rucksack too. There’s no need for a dodgy zip to cause commuter chaos and ruin your run.

2. be Prepared

Avoid the dramas of last minute packing pandemonium. Pack the night before, laying out all your running gear ready for the morning. Plus, you are more likely to follow through with a morning run if you are prepared the night before.

3. Plan your route

We’ve all been there… Getting lost can be one of the most frustrating things in the world. God forbid it happens on your commute to work. This will only double the drama! Make sure you know your route before you set off.

4. Be realistic

Not used to running? Maybe your commute is further than you usually run? You can still join us on Clean Air Day. You just need to build up to Thursday with some light training to get you used to going the distance. Live 20 miles away? You can always park and run. Drive to an achievable distance from your work and run the rest. You'll still be making a huge difference.

5. Get lost in a podcast

Become inspired, entertained, moved and much more with a podcast. Get lost in the moment and before you know it you’ll be at work. It’s a strange feeling when you don’t want your commute to end.

6. Get your legs pumping to some top tunes

Some top tunes are sure to get your feet moving. Up your speed with some up-tempo music. Research suggests that music with 120 beats per minute or more elevates your mood and helps you work out. It has also been suggested that positive lyrics, or those that feature ‘affirmations of exercise’ are particularly effective.

7. Workout your shower situation

You don’t want to arrive to work sweaty and stinky. Your workplace popularity could go into some serious turmoil if you do. An ideal scenario would be that you have a shower at work, but not all office workers are lucky enough to have them. You could also try signing up to a nearby gym to make use of their facilities. If that’s not an option, there are products you can buy that will help you freshen up before you start the day, such as Pump It Up Dry Shower Body Wash and Waterless Hair and Body Wash from Halo.

How to take part on clean air day

Want to be a our mass run to work marking Clean Air Day? Thought you might. We will all be wearing green on our runs to work as part of the 'go green, be green' gang! Make sure you're wearing green too so your efforts don't go unnoticed!

Share your story and win big!

This Clean Air Day we want to see your #RunToWork stories! So we will be holding a competition on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with an amazing prize. If we think your run to work selfie post was the best of the best, you'll win a FREE place at a 10K of your choice! To enter, you just tag @RunForAll and use the hashtags #CleanAirDay and #RunToWork. Make sure your post is on Clean Air Day - Thursday 21st June.

Find the 10K you want to win!

Need more tips? Check out these 5 amazing running apps that could help you run on Clean Air day.

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