6 Essential Tips to Losing Weight with Running

Running is a fabulous way to lose weight and we have so many success stories here at Run For All. Follow these top tips and you’ll be on your way!

1. Mix it up!

If you want to lose weight, you need to avoid doing the same workouts every day. If you continue to do the same steady-state work out every session your body will adapt and get used to it. Plus, you’ll struggle to build the necessary muscle mass to fire up your metabolism. A mix of very easy runs some days, faster tempo runs other days and intervals on days in between is the way to build muscle and burn calories.


2. Don’t run yourself into the ground

Excessive intense workouts will burnout your body and ultimately lead to injuries. Running faster doesn’t mean stronger, if you don’t give yourself a break. Any more that 3 days a week of fast interval training is sure to burn you out a encourage a negative, quitting mentality towards your running.


3. Focus on your diet as well as your running

Some people are more guilty of not concentrating on what goes in there body than others... aren't they Elvis?! Running more doesn’t necessarily mean you are allowed to eat more. Don’t see running as a way of earning more calories – it’s not. When the goal is weight loss, we want those extra calories to go toward building a deficit where the body pulls from the calorie reserves in our body – our fat. If you find yourself naturally very hungry after running, try running just before meal time to avoid munching up extra calories.


4. Sorry, but you might need to hold back on the booze…

I know this might hurt but booze is often the vital variable in hampering weight loss efforts. A small glass of wine can consist of up to 120 calories, whilst a pint of 5% beer can consist of up to 215 calories!  We are not saying go cold turkey, but even cutting down on as little as the one with a midweek dinner could be a game changer!


5. Don't be mistaken and pig out on the so-called 'healthy' fats

Our bodies need dietary fat to lose weight and function properly, but many runners are overdoing the healthy fats these days — eating nuts, whole avocados or so-called healthier oils like coconut and flax. This can really add up! The nutritionists recommend limiting the extra fat to 6 tablespoons maximum. That way, when foods are already prepared with fat, or include natural fats, you won’t go over the calorie edge.


6. Fuel your runs properly

If you are performing a shorter run lasting less than 60 minutes – I know that seems long enough to me - you don’t need anything but water during your workout. However, longer runs, can benefit from added electrolytes and possibly even a bit of carbs to keep performance up. A few sips of a sports drink or an energy chew with water can go a long way.

It is a well know fact that runners perform better when they have a goal to work towards. The same is true for those trying to lose weight. Find your perfect challenge in our 10K Series that caters to runners of all ages and abilities. FIND OUT MORE ABOUT RUN FOR ALL'S 10K SERIES

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