Discover why you need a pacer in your next race

Runners of all abilities can improve their time and race day experience by following our Run For All Pacers.

Every race has pace-related challenges whether it be flying out too fast, being bamboozled by a GPS watch meltdown or getting caught up in runner congestion. 

Whatever your ability, discover why you need to combat these challenges with a Run For All Pacer in 2018! 

1. It’s one less thing to worry about

There’s a lot to think about on race day! Travelling to the race start, finding your pen, preventing chafing, managing hydration and so on... You’ve enough to stress about without panicking about pace. 

2. They will stop you going out too fast

Starting slow sounds simple enough but amidst the excitement and adrenaline of race morning, when everyone else is shooting off like rockets, it’s easy to get swept up and go off too quick! A pacer will help you control your emotions and keep a steady early pace.

3. Pacers run even

Pacers run even splits, completing the first half of your race in the same time as the second. By following a pacer, you remove the dangerous temptation to go out hard early on to ‘bank time’.

4. They offer motivation and safety in numbers

There are plenty of psychological benefits to running in a group of like-minded people, all trying to achieve the same goal. This creates a camaraderie that you can’t match running on your own.

5. Pacers save you from fuzzy fatigued maths

There are plenty of ways to pace a marathon yourself, however, one flaw with all of these methods is that fatigue makes it increasingly difficult to do the simple maths that each method requires. Any miscalculation could cost you your target time so focus on your run and let someone else worry about the time.

6. Pacers know how to run a smart race

At the start of your run, congestion might force you to run slower than your goal pace. You may think that you should claw back this time with a fast mile. Don't! Instead, use a pacer to claw back this time more sensibly and gradually.

7. You can use their experience of the course

It’s a pacer’s job to know the course inside out. By following a pacer you will benefit from their experience of the course.

8. It will be a smoother run

Congestion on the course can force you to weave throughout the race – ultimately adding distance and burning energy. However, running in a pace group generally offers a smoother run. People will generally move aside when they see the flag coming towards them.

Fancy running with a Run For All pacer? A pacer team will be at all our 10Ks in 2018 and 2019! Click for more on Run For All 10k Series.


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