Experienced Half Marathon Runner? 7 Ways to take your game to the next level!

As an experienced Half Marathon Runner, you may think you have mastered the distance - but we both know there is always room for improvement!

1. Know your threshold

Your Lactate-Threshold pace is an effort that you can sustain for about an hour at most. It is most likely that this pace will be 8-15 seconds per mile faster than your goal half-marathon pace. Make it a training goal to understand your Lactate-Threshold pace. Once you know what your body is capable of, you will be able to manage your race far more successfully and shed precious moments off your time.


2. Make your race pace natural

Regular runs at your goal race-pace will help it become your natural pace. Schedule a race-pace run every week. Start with a race-pace run of three miles and add a mile each run until you can comfortably run eight miles at race-pace.


3. Be a team player

One of the best ways to reach your running potential is to train with others of similar ability. It’s well known that runners push themselves much harder when they have teammates.


4. Add speed

Pick up your pace in training to improve your V02 max - the maximal volume of oxygen that your body can deliver to the working muscles per minute. 


5. Master the distance

While less experienced runners don’t need to reach the full race distance in training, you’ll need to go the distance a few times if you are aiming to run a fast half marathon. More advanced runners will want to run significantly more than 13.1 miles on their peak long run. However, you must remember that there really is no need to exceed 16 miles.


6. Get primed

Don’t restrict your warm-up to a steady jog. Get your sweat on to better prime your body!


7. Shed a load

Research from the University of Georgia, US, showed that a 5% increase in a runner’s usual weight slowed them by almost three minutes over a half marathon. So make sure you're not carrying excess baggage!

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