Never get injured again with these five amazing recovery tips!

Achieve training success this season with these five simple tips to help aid your recovery.

1. Avoid back-to-back hard running days


Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you need to go hard on every run, it will likely leave you struggling to recover. Try mixing hard days with easy run or rest days to train your body to deal with a mix of intensities.

2. Make sure your kits a good fit


There are plenty of products on the market designed to give you that little extra boost. Research suggests compression garments can improve bloody flow and speed recovery after hard training - you can find some great compression gear at Up & Running

3. Get the ‘little things’ right


For most athletes, the key to recovering well isn’t down to one thing alone. The best way to recover fast is to get the ‘little things’ right frequently. Try and get into a good routine of stretching daily, snack well between meals and ensure you have a warm, dry set of clothes to change into if you’re training in cold, wet conditions.

 4. Accept that things don’t always go to plan


Don’t be a slave to your training plan. As smooth as things might be going, life often gets in the way and sometimes you just need to accept this and adapt your plan. If you’re going through a stressful time at work or at home, you might need to reduce the loading of your training plan. Stress has a big impact on your ability to recover and an extra rest day, or lighter week might make all the difference.

5. Make sure you’re giving your mind a break too


The ability to relax mentally as well as physically should play a big part in all recovery plans. Make sure you set aside time to relax with family and friends. You can even take it a step further and practice regular meditation which has been shown to significantly improve recovery.

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