Plogging – A Scandinavian Running Craze Hitting the UK

Could you add ‘Plogging’ to your Run For All training and save your community?

We all love to run. It’s fantastic for both our physical and mental well-being. But, have you ever thought of how your hobby could benefit the environment and improve your local community?

Introducing ‘Plogging’ – a new eco-friendly running trend fresh out of Scandinavia.

In Sweden, environmentally conscious runners have taken to collecting plastic litter during their runs.

This craze is now spreading to the streets of the UK. Could you incorporate Plogging into your next run?

A Stockholm-based group named ‘Plogga’ is behind this craze. Plogga is a popular movement and organization that encourage people to pick up rubbish whilst on the move exercising.

It's aim is to utilise the runners of a city or town as a force for good. It is all about improving people's health and protecting the environment.

It is easy become part of the Plogging community and make a change for the better. Just pull on your disposable gloves, grab a bin bag, and scan the streets for litter as you run. Once the bag is full, make sure to deposit your rubbish into an appropriate recycle bin.

If you can't wait to start Plogging but fancy something to train for as well, check out our amazing calendar of Run For All Events that help raise money for a host of deserving charities.

To find plogging events near you, take a look at the Twitter account @PloggingUK.

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