Our 2018 Asda Foundation Leeds Half Marathon Heroes

This Sunday there will be so many amazing people taking part in our Asda Foundation Leeds Half Marathon so we have specially selected some incredible stories to inspire! 

We are ready to set off on our 33rd Leeds Half Marathon, we are so lucky to be joined by some true heroes!

Over 7,000 runners will be joining us on Sunday each with their own inspirational story. 

Unfortunately, we couldn't speak to all of you so we hope you are happy with our hero choices. Please let us know if you agree?

1. The Aspinall Sisters

The Aspinall sisters are preparing to run this Sunday's Leeds Half Marathon to raise money for Alzheimer's Research UK on the behalf of their Grandparents. Through work with her charity and time spent with her grandparents, Emma Aspinall has found music to have incredibly positive influences on Alzheimer's patients.

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2. Mark Allerston

(Image courtesy of Yorkshire Evening Post)

Mark is ready to run this Sunday’s Leeds Half Marathon in memory of close friend Adrian Badon who died aged just 27 soon after discovering his partner was pregnant.

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3. The 'Jog for Jeff' Runners

Novice runners Brian, Darren, David and Steven are getting ready to tackle the Asda Foundation Leeds Half Marathon in memory of their late friend Graham Bell a.ka. 'Jeff'. 

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4. Isla Sinclair

Isla is running from Essex to Leeds in a 200 mile challenge that finished at our Leeds Half Marathon on Sunday. She is raising money for Leeds Children's Hospital where her best friend's daughter received life saving treatment.

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5. Jennifer Ashcroft

Jennifer is determined to finish Leeds Half Marathon in memory of her late husband Kane who was also a loving father to her two children. Jennifer is raising money for Teenage Cancer Trust as they looked after all the family so well while Kane was on the ward at St James hospital.

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6. Hilary Whareham 

At 76 years young, Hilary is inspiring women of all ages to get running! Hilary will not only be taking on the Leeds Half Marathon but also the Leeds 10K this year and is eyeing up her next Marathon challenge. 

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I am sure you join us in wishing all of these heroes the best of luck! Not to mention the incredible 7000 runners that they will be accompanying on Sunday. 

Feeling inspired? Keep an eye out for a special entry offer for our 2019 Leeds Half Marathon.

If you have a story that needs sharing or fancy some media attention on your fundraising mission, please feel free to contact us on social media.



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