Running happy for mental health awareness week

With the stigma around mental health still as apparent as ever, here's four incredible Run For All participants who are one step at a time, smashing it!

This mental health awareness week, we are celebrating our inspiration runners that have overcome their own mental health issues, raised incredible sums of money for charity and mastered the art of running happy!

Danny Harrison, 2018 Leeds Half Marathon participant

Danny Harrison of Headingley managed to raise £1000 for Mind at the Asda Foundation Leeds Half Marathon and hopes to spread the word about mental health issues in the UK through his Fresh2Death events company. 

Amy Hubbuck, Leeds Half Marathon participant

For some people running is a way to get fitter and lose a bit of weight but for Amy Hubbuck it’s much more than that – it’s a sanctuary. She has lost friends, both male and female, to suicide and has no doubts that running has improved her life and overall mental well-being in these testing times.

Mark Dean, Derby Half Marathon participant

After attempting suicide in 2015 Mark, is on the road to recovery at the Asda Foundation Derby Half Marathon on Sunday 3rd June. It is his mission to raise awareness about mental health and eating disorders. He hopes to ensure that young people speak up about these issues in the future – especially men. 

Anna Lynche, Leeds Half Marathon participant

Anna felt like her whole world had been tipped upside down when her husband of 18 years left her last year. She started to struggle with both depression and anxiety. However, she has now discovered the benefits of running. It has significantly improved her mood and mental health on the step-by-step road to recovery.

smash the stigma -  run happy at our original legacy run - leeds 10k

Our aim is to have as many people as possible running happy in 2018. Join the running revolution  on Sunday 8th July at the Asda Foundation Leeds 10K is our biggest, loudest and proudest run in the Asda Foundation 10K series.


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