Five healthy ways to fight the flu with food!

We are all about feeling good at Run For All HQ, so here are five fabulous ways to fight the flu with food! Feel healthy, feel fit and #FeelGoodRunning!

1. Let’s talk carbs

Keep the flu away this winter with low-fat foods that are high in carbohydrates! The cold and dark days can feel perfect with a warm bowl of pasta. But beware! Don’t be tempted by high-fat carbs because this will decrease your immune responses and make you more vulnerable to flu.

2. claim victory with Vitamin C

There are lots of micronutrients that can help! But not many are better than vitamin C – which you can find in the mighty orange. The vitamin C in these juicy joys will help you avoid fatigue, tissue weakness and capillary fragility. 

3. Minerals master marathons

We won't bore you with unappetizing jargon! All you need to know is that a proper mineral balance means that you will get more goodness from your food and vitamins. That means more energy, healthier cell production and a better you. So make sure you get your Zinc from seeds and nuts; Iron is from legumes, tofu and vegetables; and your Selenium from nuts - particularly Brazil nuts.

4. Vitamin D for your next pb

Recent evidence suggests that vitamin D has many important roles in the immune system. For one, it decreases your risks of infection. ‘How do I get my vitamin D?’ – I hear you ask. In tasty treats such as cheese, tuna and salmon! Yum yum yeeeeeerm!

5. Fibre means fast

Time to get scientific! Ready? Fibre can be digested by bacteria living in our guts. When we eat foods containing fibre, these bacteria digest the fibre. They then produce by-products – like short chain fatty acids - that have beneficial effects on your immune system. So get some fibre in you! It’s found in whole plant foods such as fruit, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains.

Remember! Exercise and #FeelGoodRunning

Exercise is often the best medicine! So if you're serious about fighting the flu this winter then pull on your training and get running. Not only will you instantly feel better, you'll also feel more motivated to stay healthy - that's quite handy going into the Christmas period!

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