6 winter training survival tips you won't have heard!

Winter is coming so prepare properly with these six quirky winter survival tips sure to keep your training on track.

1. Embrace winter

Firstly, let’s embrace the incredible season of winter! Don’t focus on the negative. There’s something quite spectacular about being out and about early, when the day is often at its crispest and most refreshing. Enjoy the peace and quiet – less runners will be out to disrupt your run.

2. Have a ‘bad weather’ plan

Winter can throw us some curve balls. So it’s okay to give yourself an alternative in the event of rain, wind or extreme cold. Decide now what that plan will be. Try swapping your outside run for an indoor activity. Swimming is a great substitute! Alongside injury prevention, it burns calories, improves strength and also enhances flexibility.

3. Run in the morning

Studies have shown that morning exercisers have a higher success rate than evening exercisers. You are less likely to get side-tracked in the early morning hours. Late meetings after work, parental responsibilities, and other commitments are more likely to come up in the afternoon and distract you from your training runs.

4. Stay HOT to stay motivated

Don't waste hours in bed hiding beneath your duvet! Set your thermostat timer to get your bedroom nice and toasty before your alarm goes off. With your room thawed out, you are more likely to get up feeling motivated for your morning run. Even better, put your workout clothes on your radiator so getting ready for your run feels like a lovely warm hug!

5. Reward yourself

Motivation is the key to surviving winter as a runner. Reward yourself throughout your training to celebrate the completion of a successful training week or plan. Massages, pedicures, manicures, lunches and dinners out are all great ideas! Maybe buy yourself some new running kit so you look and feel the part on your next runs?

6. Have a clear and challenging goal 

Exercise psychologists have proven, in study after study, that having a clear goal to work towards is like having a drill sergeant at your back. You remain motivated. You work harder. You get more from your run. Make your next goal a little loftier: overcoming what you perceive to be a great challenge increases your pain threshold and sense of self-worth. Nailed a 5K recently? Try one of Run For All's 10K challenges? Smashed a half? Double-up with our tasty White Rose Double!


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