How do I make my next half marathon a PB?

6 training tips to help you make your next half marathon a PB!

1. Be a clever runner.

Training is not just about building up your endurance, it’s about building your experience. Take note on training runs when you don’t perform. Ask yourself – what went wrong? Correct past mistakes and grow as a runner in the process. If you don’t know how to fix your mistake simply ‘google it’ - there's some great advice out there.

2. Go aerobic early.

In the early weeks of you training try aerobic activities like swimming, cycling, rowing and even golf! This will help you build your fitness without the impact that constant pavement pounding will have on your leg muscles and joints.

3. Become a natural.

Regular runs at your goal race-pace will soon help it become your natural pace. Schedule a race-pace run every week. Start with a race-pace run of three miles and add a mile each run until you can comfortably run eight miles at race-pace. How many times can you say race-pace...

4. Understand your lactic-threshold pace.

Don’t be scared by the fancy jargon. Your lactate-threshold pace is basically an effort of running that you can sustain for about an hour at most – some people compare this to running at 80%. Make it a training goal to understand your lactate-threshold pace. Once you know what your body is capable of, you will be able to manage your race far more successfully and shed precious moments off your time.

5. Upping your distance? Time to beef up!

As the volume and intensity of your training increases throughout the weeks, so should your strength and conditioning work. You must be strong enough to absorb those miles and prevent breakdown from injury.

6. Speed up with 6 weeks to go.

Pick up the pace and take on 5Ks to improve your V02 max - the maximal volume of oxygen that your body can deliver to the working muscles per minute. This will limit the aches and pains you feel in the latter stages of your race and hopefully shave valuable second off your time.

So now you know how to smash your PB! Good luck runners and remember #FeelGoodRunning!!!

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