6 reasons to run a marathon

A new marathon season is underway and we have less than six months to go until our Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon. But why is finishing the distance on all of our bucket lists?

A marathon atmosphere is something that all runners can and should experience. The inclusivity and togetherness is unrivaled, as people from all walks of life unite to take on the distance. Cheer friends forward and carry your running buddies over the line, as you share a memorable marathon day. 

Researchers have identified that regularly running could contribute to success in other areas of life. A lot of planning, hard work and commitment goes into marathon training. And so, training for the distance can improve your goal-setting, organisational skills and discipline.

Running 26.2 miles is no mean feat. It is a lifelong achievement. An amazing experience. It's not a race. So despite the aches and pains that you may experience along the way, enjoy it and know that you'll remember this day fondly or a very long time. 

Training for a marathon provides a great opportunity to meet new people and feel part of your local running community. Whether you join a running club or grab a running buddy for motivation, reaching your marathon goal together feels extra special.

Getting to a marathon finish line is a tremendous achievement, but to doing it for charity makes it doubly rewarding. Knowing that you are running to support a deserving cause and to help others will provide extra motivation - both during training and on the day. You are not only running for yourself, but your charity, plus, your many fundraising supporters.

It sounds pretty obvious, but training for a marathon takes up a lot of time. And this can be great if you have gone through a recent life change — retirement, break-up, job loss, empty nest — that has given you some more free time. Not only will training help keep you busy, you'll also feel far more positive and healthy in the process. 

A new marathon season is now underway. Take your chance and experience all the action at our Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon on 20th October with thousands of like-minded runners from all walks of life. Join us for your next challenge.

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