Your Eventeer Team experience at the finish

Not many Eventeer Team experiences are as action-packed and important as working in the finish processing team handing out goody bags, post-run drinks and medals to the thousands of finishers at our Run For All events.

Our big friendly giant Nigel Webber knows the finish processing 'gig' very well and has been working as a Run For All support staff team member for many years. He is keen to get you involved with his Eventeer Team.

So to give you a little more insight into a day with Nige, he has taken the time to answer some key questions.

How will I know who to meet?

We try and make everything as easy as possible for our eventeers. You’ll be emailed a briefing prior to your event. This will have the name and number of the person that you’ll need to meet on the day. You’ll also be given a sitemap among other info so you know exactly where you’re going.

What do I do?

You will be given an assembly point and we will have a full briefing where I will hand you your own Eventeer Team top. Finish processing is very rewarding. Most of your day you will be handing out drinks, goody bags and medals to runners that have worked so hard to get to the finish.

Will I be split up from my group?

If people have volunteered as a group, we will try to keep the group together. After all, we want your day to be as fun as possible. But saying this, I would encourage everyone to come with an open mind. One of the best things about working together in an Eventeer Team can be meeting new people.

How big will my finish processing team be?

It can seem daunting to deal with so many runners in such a short space of time. However, everyone is always friendly and the atmosphere is special. The number of volunteers we have in finish processing depends on the event. For a half marathon it’s probably between 30 and 40. At a 10K it could be slightly less, depending on the size of the event.

What is the most important thing to remember?

Enjoying your experience, smiling and be supporting runners are the most important things to remember. Everyone at the event will be helping to support some fantastic charities just through their presence alone. That’s pretty special.


Anyone can be part of the Eventeer Team; as our name suggests, our events are ‘For All’ and this is just the same when it comes to our eventeers.

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