Team leader Danni Carr shows you the 'Eventeer Experience'

Hundreds of Eventeers join our community each year and without them Run For All would not be possible! Eventeers are ambassadors whose enthusiasm and commitment creates an atmosphere to set our events apart – high quality, fun, For All. Fancy joining the team? Say hello to Danni!

say hello to Danni!

Time to say hello to Run For All’s Eventeer co-ordinator Danni Carr - don't worry she doesn't bite! Danni has been kind enough to take the time to explain why being an Eventeer is such a great experience and why you need to get involved joining the team.

“What I’ve found over the years is that there is no one type of person that becomes an Eventeer. People choose to become involved for a whole variety of reasons, each one as important as the next. We do everything we possibly can to make that motivation a reality. Here are my four favourite reasons you should choose to become pasrt of the team as an Eventeer.”

1. Giving something back


“Some people consider it as an opportunity to help the community – they believe in Run For All, the causes we represent and want to be part of making a difference. Those causes aren’t just charities that receive vital fundraising, but also the range of communities that take part in Run For All events.

"Part of our mission is to break down barriers and enable more people to be fit and active, whoever they are, whatever their background. Anyone taking part in our events should have a fantastic experience they remember forever and that simply wouldn’t be possible without Eventeers.

"This might sound cheesy, but a big reason for lots of people to become Eventeers is the more we give the happier we feel – you can’t beat that sense of pride and accomplishment from giving something back.”

2. Joining a community

“It’s an amazing opportunity to meet new people. Being sociable and widening your social circle is incredibly positive – it makes you feel good to make new friends! Most of us would probably admit to having a fairly rigid lifestyle and routine of going to work and spending time with the same family and friends. I’ve lost count of the number of times Eventeers have made friends for life through getting involved – Run For All really is a special community.

"I think we often underestimate how rare it is to make new friends in adult life, becoming an Eventeer is a totally different element to your social circle, giving you a new identity as part of a shared community. Can anyone really have too many friends?!”

3. Personal development

“I still don’t think there’s an occasion that someone has been a Run For All Eventeer and walked away saying they learned nothing – it’s such a fantastic opportunity to develop, not to mention the chance people get to expand their network if they’re looking at things from a career perspective.

"Being immersed in a race-day environment from behind the scenes exposes you to so much that it’s impossible not to learn and develop. Leadership, communication and confidence are probably the biggest areas I see improve exponentially in our Eventeers. Dealing with the general public, helping with logistics and having a real sense of purpose just seems to make people grow. It’s fantastic to see.”

4. LOADS of fun

“Persuading people they’ll actually really enjoy the Eventeer experience is one of the biggest hurdles for any organisation, not just Run For All.

"Once someone is involved, we know they are going to love it. We make sure everyone gets the proper guidance from the first second they sign up so they never feel overwhelmed and we also make doubly sure they are embedded into our Run For All community forever, because that is what it’s all about – being part of something that’s worth being part of.”


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