2 years with Erdinger

Run4All and ERDINGER Alkoholfrei have been event partners for over 2 years, working together to introduce athletes of all abilities to the recovery benefits of our refreshing isotonic drink.

Brewed under the Strict Bavarian Purity Law of 1516 and using only 4 natural ingredients, ERDINGER Alkoholfrei was found to be isotonic purely by accident!  The brewing process naturally produces a wheat beer that is proven to be isotonic therefore aiding your recovery after exercise – plus it doesn’t compromise on flavour, with a fresh, fruity taste - a chilled glass hits the spot every time.  

ERDINGER Alkoholfrei also has a perfect balance of minerals and B-vitamins, it really is the drink of choice for anyone who loves to compete, whether Olympic athlete or someone striving to just be the best they can. The perfect way to recover and refuel after training or the big race!

Not convinced that naturally brewed ERDINGER Alkoholfrei is for you??  Free from chemical additives, preservatives, fat and cholesterol, you can be ensured that this fresh, fruity #liquigold is providing your body with everything it needs to recover, enabling you to train to your maximum every time!

But don’t just take our word for it, the isotonic benefits of ERDINGER Alkohofrei were put to the test via this independent study – have a read for yourself!


To learn more about the isotonic benefits of ERDINGER Alkoholfrei then head over to our website (hyperlink to https://int.erdinger.de/beer/alkoholfrei.html)   Or to try it for yourself you can purchase the 500ml bottles from all major supermarkets and the 500ml cans are available in cases of 24 from Amazon.  The team look forward to welcoming you over another finish line very shortly – Cheers!

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