6 reasons to run Yorkshire!

Running a marathon is special for first timers but running  'God's own' is special every time!

Running a marathon creates an inspirational and life-long memory, but why does running it in Yorkshire make it that little bit extra special?


Feel the start line buzz, soak-up the on-course support and experience the finish line ecstasy again – taste that action!


This is a rare chance to run through the historic city of York, past its medieval city walls and the stunning York Minster – need we say more?


All runners are medal-addicts. It’s a serious condition. Grab some more bling with us to show off to your friends and family.


Our Yorkshire Marathon is not all about time, but if you fancy a bit of healthy competition then there’s no-one better to beat than yourself. Go on - old you is old news!


We might be bias, but is there anywhere better than Yorkshire? Especially when it comes to running a marathon. With loud, proud locals cheering you on, beautiful countryside and friendly folk running beside you; it’s pretty hard to beat.


You know you can do it! Re-live the glory and experience a day you’ll never forget on Sunday 20th October!

More on the Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon.

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