'More thrills than hills' - climbing Sheffield Half!

Runner for all Richard Lord gives us three reasons why he can't wait to take on Sheffield Half Marathon as her treats us to some hill-running tips for beginners!

I have come to the conclusion that there are no purely flat races around. So how do we tackle the so-called 'BIG' hills like Sheffield Half's infamous Ringinglow Road climb!?

Running hills isn't an easy thing. They are a challenge and there is no getting away from that. But guess what, us runners love a challenge!

So why am I so excited to take on the Asda Foundation Sheffield Half Marathon on Sunday 14th April and be crowned 'King of the Hill'?

1. Steel City Support

The support from the local crowd is out of this world. Sheffield knows how to support runners! They are phenomenal at raising the volume and making every single runner feel so good about themselves. 

2. Runners United

The support from the other runners is what makes being part of the running community really special. The amount of people saying "well done", "keep going", "looking strong". or "you kept me going, thank you!" really shows the feeling and support that fellow runners now matter how hard they may be struggling can still give one another

3. The sense of achievement

When you reach the top there is no better feeling knowing that the hard part is behind you! Or beneath you even! Knowing that you have the more enjoyable part of the course ahead of you. The feeling of achieving a big challenge is such a good spur and encouragement for runners. It is not far off being on top of the world, or at least on top of Sheffield!

Richard's hill-running tips!

I am far from an expert on running, despite having run over 100 races, but my tips for taking on hills would be to take it nice and steady with smaller shorter steps.

Keep believing that you can do it. Listen to the cheers of encouragement. Crucially try and enjoy that you have the opportunity to be involved with something so special as being in a race with other fellow runners experiencing all this. 

And as I regularly say don't forget to 'smile through the miles'!


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Author, Richard Lord


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