Run For All Strideout into Sheffield community

In celebration of International Women's Day Run For All joined female running group Strideout to see the benefits of running together.

To celebrate International Women’s Day, Run For All headed down to Sheffield to find out what the female-only local running group Strideout were all about.

Starting in 2011, co-founders Gay Fletcher and Andrea Barber aimed to offer women community-based running sessions in an inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for all.

“We started Strideout because we felt that the community needed a running group that women of all ages and abilities could enjoy”, said Andrea.

“Myself and a lot of my friends would never think of joining a running club because, as beginners,  we were often too scared – whether it be by the long distance or the pace we’d be expected to keep.

“Strideout and other social running groups are great because you know that no one will get left behind.”

From having as little as eight members, Strideout now offer multiple group sessions across Sheffield.

Inclusivity is everything. Strideout employs volunteer Run Leaders to make sure that there is never anyone left running on their own at the back or feeling left out.

Claire Todd, Run Leader at the S8 Strideout branch in South Sheffield, said: “The most important thing about our runs is that we accommodate women of all abilities – whether that be the pace that we set or the route we take.

“I think running as a group really helps – it does for me anyway. On my own I’ll get tired legs and will want to stop. When you’re with your friends and other runners it really helps - they ‘jivvy’ you on.

Many of the Couch to 5K and Beginner runners at Strideout will be taking on their local Asda Foundation Sheffield 10K in September or even the Asda Foundation Sheffield Half Marathon next month.

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