Simon says - 'You're investing your time not giving it up'

York parkrun's Simon Middleton tells us why he and an army of volunteers will be joining forces to support our Eventeer Team at the 2019 Asda Foundation York 10K.

Simon Middleton, of Make it York and York parkrun, will join our Eventeer Team this year for the 2019 Asda Foundation York 10K.

Simon will not be turning up on Sunday 4th August alone. He will be joined by an army of volunteers from York's multiple parkruns. 

"Parkrun has a strong volunteering ethic so I knew we'd be able to pull together a group of helpers for this year's York 10K", he said.

"Volunteering is a fabulous thing to do. You’re not giving up your time, you’re investing your time and you definitely get something back for it.

"The last two years I've been a part of the Eventeer Team has been a privilege. You really see a different side of the run."

Simon has fond memories of manning the water stations with his team at the popular charity road race.

"On both occasions it has been great to see the group come together well before the start of the race and then work together to get the drinks station set up. Taking tops off thousands of bottles is easier said than done!

"That's the calm before the storm. We'll watch the leaders pass and minutes later the we'll be met by a mass of thirsty runners.

"Last year it felt like we were stood in the middle of a shower as water sprayed all over us - we weren't complaining it was a very hot day and it's tricky to run and drink!

"It's not just about looking after the water station. I'd say that the most important thing we do is support every last runner. We all know the impact that a cheers and some encouragement has on tiring legs."

Looking forward to another great day as part of the Eventeer this summer. Simon urges families and friends of all shapes, sizes and ages to come join the Eventeer Team.

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