Burnley 10K

Race Date: 15th July 2018



  • Terry Midgley - Sub-40mins

terry midgley

Hi my name is Terry and I run for St Theresas athletic club. I have been running for nearly 5 years now, one of my achievements is, I am a current world record holder. (Marathon lifeguard). I also paced York 10k last year. So I hope I can help you to a new PB. Cya soon.  

  • Tony Booth - Sub-45mins

Tony Booth

Hi there I am Tony and as with all runners I am aways trying to improve my running times. I am running 10k at sub 40 and the half Marathons at sub 1:30  I will be doing London marathon this year and hoping to do a sub 3:15. 

I am also looking forward to be pacing the Burnley 10k sub 45 and hope I can get as many runners over the line to new PB as possible. Good luck to everyone lets get training so we can all reach are goals. 

Thanks Tony.  

  • Nick Wealleans - Sub-50mins

Nick Wealleans

I only took up running in 2012 when overweight and struggling to chase my 2 year old around, a throw away comment to the Mother in Law 'I could do that' whilst watching her do the York 10km was grasped upon by my wife and the gauntlet was set. I struggled to find motivation to run without a football to chase but stumbled across the quite wonderful parkrun scene and never looked back. I've now done things I swore I would never do, joined a running club, ran numerous races over very varied terrain and distance, parkrun toured all over the country and more importantly now actually enjoy running. I won't win a race anytime soon but I have my own targets to hit and in the meantime if I can help someone hit their's, happy days!

  • Simon Polkey - Sub-55mins

Simon Polkey

“Striving to meet mid 40’s lifestyle changes following stomach surgery in 2013, I have spent the last three years losing 4 stone and finding fitness fun again.  With two marathons, four half marathons and two 10k’s behind me I’m looking forward to another busy season ahead.  Fundraising for the Jane Tomlinson Appeal Team continues, ready to take on pb's at the Yorkshire Half, Edinburgh Half, Leeds Half and Yorkshire Marathon 2016.

Proud to have been chosen to pace the sub 55m at Burnley, Lincoln and York 10k's- it gives me the opportunity to potentially help and motivate others to achieve their own goals, whether they be personal achievement or fundraising challenges.

As a novice pacer and also a newly qualified fitness instructor,  I’m hoping these experiences will assist the transition from my current role as a Police Officer to one of Personal Trainer / Pilates Instructor before I get too old!”

  • Sam Newnham - Sub-1hr


Runner of all distances and terrains. Big race of 2016 is the Las Vegas Marathon in November. It'll also be my 5th year taking part in the Leeds Half marathon. Paced 60 minutes at the Leeds, Hull and York 10Ks in 2015 and loved it so much that I'll be returning for 2016! The feeling of pacing other runners to a PB is actually a better feeling than achieving a PB yourself. 

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