City of Lincoln 10K

Race Date: 1st July 2018 at 9.30am

Meet our Pacers

Sponsored by Up & Running’s Social Run Group (SRG) our team of pacers on the day will be pacing at 5 minute intervals between 40 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes. They will be wearing backpack with flags displaying the finish time they are pacing, and will assemble in the correct area according to predicted times. Use them to hit your personal targets and be sure to say thanks once you’ve crossed the line!

Join any of the nationwide free SRGs for a weekly 5K, helping you to get the weekly miles in or recover from the weekend’s long run. SRG welcomes runners or all abilities, and are organised so that everyone gets the run they want and no-one gets left behind.

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Terry Midgley - 40 mins

Hi my name is Terry and I run for St Theresa’s Athletic Club. I have been running for nearly 6 years now, I have done many pacing jobs at 10k distance , so you should be in safe hands. Come over and say 'hi', and I hope to help you to a new Pb. Cya on the day.


John Robson - 45mins

I’m John but most people call me "Robbo" and I'm a member of St. Theresa's Athletic Club in Leeds. I've been running and racing for around 15 years and have a wealth of experience at everything from 5K's to marathons. I'm excited about being a Run For All pace-maker so whether you're looking to smash your Personal Best or just looking for some company as you run, look out for me and my trademark long green socks and prepare for some noise at the finish!


Ian Sheppard - 50mins

 Hi I’m Ian, I’ve been running on and off throughout my whole life, and as part of St Theresas AC for about 6 years now. Originally it was always about fitness, but since joining the club I’ve achieved many things I’d thought I’d never do, such as a marathon and realised just how great a club can be, friendly competition, encouragement and support are all things I’ve found there.  Which is why I’ve volunteered to pace, hopefully I can give back some support and help others to accomplish their goals.


Dan Ayres - 55mins

Hi I’m Dan, I’ve enjoyed running for 4 years. I run for fitness, to race, soak up the atmosphere & continually improve but most of all the sense of belonging. It’s my turn to give something back so meet me at the start line and let’s finish with a shiny new personal best!


Nick Wealleans - 1hr

Hi, I'm Nick, I only took up running in 2012 when overweight and struggling to chase my 2 year old around, a throw away comment to the Mother in Law 'I could do that' whilst watching her do the York 10km was grasped upon by my wife and the gauntlet was set. I struggled to find motivation to run without a football to chase but stumbled across the quite wonderful parkrun scene and never looked back. I've now done things I swore I would never do, joined a running club, ran numerous races over very varied terrain and distance, parkrun toured all over the country and more importantly now actually enjoy running. I won't win a race anytime soon but I have my own targets to hit and in the meantime if I can help someone hit theirs, happy days! If you want any advice.... don't change your routine, eat the same stuff, wear the same clothes/trainers and don't forget to enjoy it!


Paula Hester - 1hr 5mins

Hi! I’m Paula and I started running and racing in 2016 and I’ve never looked back! A good run keeps me happy, motivated & positive... I’m positive you’re going to love it! Can’t wait to meet you all, see you at the start line everyone.


Stacey Goodyear - 1hr 10mins

Hi I'm Stacey. I started running for fun (and to lose weight) about 10 years ago. My first race was Leeds 10k in 2008 which gave me the buzz for racing. A fair few years later I discovered parkrun, made lots of new running friends and joined St Theresas running club. Since joining the club I've done a variety of races and am working my way towards a marathon!!
So many people have helped me along this wonderful journey and now it's time for me to help somebody!! Come run with me if your aim is to run a 70 minute 10k - you CAN do it, I'll make sure of it. See you there.


Louise Sheppard - 1hr 15mins

Hi, I’m Louise I started running in 2014 as part of St Theresa’s beginners group. It was hard at first and I struggled to find the motivation, but with the support and encouragement of my club I continued running and since then I have competed over various distances from 5k to half marathons. I’m looking forward to helping others cross the line, whether it is your first race or you’re focused on achieving a time.




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