Hull 10K

Race Date: 19th April 2020

Meet our Pacers

Sponsored by Arla our team of pacers on the day will be pacing at 5 minute intervals between 40 minutes and 1 hour 15 minutes. They will be wearing backpack with flags displaying the finish time they are pacing, and will assemble in the correct area according to predicted times. Use them to hit your personal targets and be sure to say thanks once you’ve crossed the line!




Rob Greenwood 40 minsI got into running by going to a friend’s 200th Park Run. I struggled around but loved it and things developed from there. I remember how hard it was to pace myself properly at first and I found it useful to stick with a pacer in my early races - so it’s nice to return the favour.

Sam Robins 40minsThe great thing about running is that everyone has their own goals and personal targets. Pacers have helped me to reach my goals and I would love to help someone else reach theirs. Interesting fact about me? I once delivered the Queen’s newspaper.


Glen Johnson 45min - Hi I’m Glen, I run with and for St Theresas based in Leeds doing all kinds of distances. I am very much looking forward to Lincoln and I’m very much hoping to get you around in a sub 45 time (just). See you soon. 



Dan Ayres 50min - Hi I’m Dan and I’ve been a runner for 6 years now and joined St Theresa’s running club 2 years ago. The club and its members have inspired me to help others achieve and it’s my second time pacing this race, so you’re in good hands. If you want a PB come and find me - good luck!


Andrew Ellis 55min - I'm Andrew from St Theresa's Athletic Club. I started running 5 years ago and I've now completed more than 180 parkruns and progressed to 10ks, 10 milers and most recently a half marathon. I really enjoy pacing and I've done plenty of it at parkruns and other races around Yorkshire - recently Dewsbury 10k and Bradford 10k. I'm really looking forward to helping as many people as possible to meet their target at the Lincoln 10k. See you on race day.



Nick Wealleans 1hr - I’ve been running properly - i.e. without a football - for 7 years now and I’m still not sure I like it. What I do like, however, is the buzz when you finish, even better if you PB. I’ve done a lot of pacing over the years and I’m very much look forward to Lincoln and helping some people to hopefully achieve their goals. Come find me, I’ll have jelly babies. See you on race day.




Martin Bare 1hr 5mins I was fat and 50 and couldn’t walk up a hill. The pavements are free gyms. I enjoy encouraging other runners and I will encourage you, just as I was encouraged and together we’ll smash it.




Cat McGuire 1hr 10mins - I’m Cat, I’ve been running for about 15 years. I started running while at university and someone once told me I’d never be a runner - challenge accepted! I’ve completed every distance, including 3 marathons and a lot of triathlons too and most memorably a half iron man. I love pacing because it combines 2 things that I enjoy - running and chatting!

Victoria Turnbull 1hr 10minsThis will be my first race as a pacer (please be nice!) so as a newbie I am full of energy and will be giving out a tonne of encouragement and maybe even some jelly babies if your lucky. After running with a pacer at Bradford 10k who pushed me to achieve a PB, I wanted to be able to help others smash out some PBs too.



Stu Sklinar 1hr 15minsMy biggest running achievement is probably the marathon at the end of my first Ironman, which coincidentally, was my first triathlon. I'm not a very serious-minded runner, and would most likely stop for a chat rather than put my head down for a good time.




Rachel Driver 1hr 20mins - As a challenge, I wanted to do something different. I went from non runner to a marathon runner in 6 months. I'll be giving plenty of encouragement to get you over the finish line and I'll most likely have Jelly Babies.

Dave Wood 1hr 20mins - While at school I did the York Half Marathon in 1985, so I’ve always ran really. Restarted aged 30 to get some fitness back. Enjoy the training and the good it is doing you. An interesting fact? In 2006, I abseiled off the very top of the north tower of the Humber Bridge.



Denise Thurlow 1hr 25mins - I got dragged along to a Park run by my daughter, 6 years ago. 172 Park runs later, I'm hooked! If I can do it anyone can, and hopefully we'll have some fun along the way. Build up slowly, don't put too much pressure on yourself, and most importantly enjoy it.

Leanne MacLellan 1hr 25minsI started running because my brother signed me up for the Leeds Half -  without me knowing!. I’ve had a lot of support from people at my running club who have paced me to many PBs, it’s awesome to be able to give something back.

Judy Lankester 1hr 30minsMy friend dragged me kicking and screaming to the first TN parkrun promising to run together. Lost her after the first 15 seconds. Probably loved the cake after more than the run. But continued nonetheless and now can’t stop. I’ll try my best to help and encourage and make it fun - failing that I’ll let you swear as much as you want to.

Sam Taylor 1hr 30minsI have always been thankful to people for helping me out, whether it when I started running, pacing for PBs or genuinely just completing a race. Those people are awesome, and I want to be one of those people. Plus the group are a brilliant team to be a part of and I’m very excited to join them.




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