Leeds 10K

Race Date: 5th July 2020 9:30am

Meet our Pacers

Sponsored by Arla our team of pacers on the day will be pacing at 5 minute intervals between 40 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes. They will be wearing backpack with flags displaying the finish time they are pacing, and will assemble in the correct area according to predicted times. Use them to hit your personal targets and be sure to say thanks once you’ve crossed the line!



Rob Greenwood 40 mins  - I got into running by going to a friend’s 200th parkrun. I struggled around but loved it and things developed from there. I remember how hard it was to pace myself properly at first and I found it useful to stick with a pacer in my early races - so it’s nice to return the favour.

Sam Robins 40mins - The great thing about running is that everyone has their own goals and personal targets. Pacers have helped me to reach my goals and I would love to help someone else reach theirs. Interesting fact about me? I once delivered the Queen’s newspaper.

David Semmance 45 mins - Hi I'm David. I'm a run leader and a member of Bramley Breezers Running Club. I've been running since 2013 when I did my first 5k Race and never looked back. I've run 7 Marathon's and lost count of how many half marathons,  10 mile, 10ks and 5ks I've done. I decided to start pacing as I want to give something back and help other runners gain PBs. So follow me and I'll get you under your target time.

Ian Sheppard 45 mins - Hi I’m Ian, I’ve been running on and off throughout my whole life, and as part of St Theresa’s AC for about 6 years now. Originally it was always about fitness, but since joining the club I’ve achieved many things I’d thought I’d never do, such as a marathon and realised just how great a club can be, friendly competition, encouragement and support are all things I’ve found there.  Which is why I’ve volunteered to pace, hopefully I can give back some support and help others to accomplish their goals.

Neil Holloway 50 mins - I used to be a cyclist until the winter of 2012 forced me off my bike and I discovered parkrun. Having never done anything competitive before I’ve now got marathons and triathlons under my belt. I am now a qualified coach and I love to see people do well. I’ll make sure you hit your target with a smile on your face even if you’ve some pain in your legs.

Sue Crabtree 50 mins - Hi, I’m Sue, your 50min pacer. I originally started running to avoid the kids when they were small and have since run many different distances including a marathon. You want advice, get into this habit. Try not to worry about all the various types of training you can do, just run regularly. You’ll be fine. I’m looking forward to giving something back for all the good stuff running has given me.

Nick Wealleans 55 mins - I’ve been running properly - i.e. without a football - for 7 years now and I’m still not sure I like it. What I do like, however, is the buzz when you finish, even better if you PB. I’ve done a lot of pacing over the years and I’m very much look forward to Leeds and helping some people to hopefully achieve their goals. Come find me, I’ll have jelly babies. See you on race day.

Steph Jones 55 mins - Hi, I’m Steph, I started running because I moved to Peterborough when I left uni and everyone seemed to do it (I put it down to the fact there are no hills) so I thought I'd best give it a go. Since then I’ve managed to run a marathon in my target time of under 4 hours and managed to convince my dad to complete a mini triathlon with me (can't decide which is the bigger achievement). Keeping pacers in my sights has helped me lots of times during races. Hopefully I can help you too.

Andrew Ellis 60 mins - I started running 6 years ago to get some peace and quiet from my then newborn twins and 3 year old daughter. I also wanted to lose a bit of weight. My biggest running achievement was keeping going in those early weeks and months when I found it tough starting out. It would have been easy to head back to the sofa. Now I really enjoy it whether it's parkruns, races or training runs. My advice for training for a 10k is don't underestimate it. Get a combination of longer runs and shorter intervals in the weeks before the race. Your legs will thank you on race day for putting the miles in beforehand.

Sarah Waite 60 mins - Hello, my name is Sarah. I have been running for around 4/5 years. I enjoy running over various distances and terrains, racing and pacing. If you're looking for support and encouragement to break that elusive 60 minute mark, please come and say hello.

Anna Sharrott 1hr 5mins - Hi, I am Anna and I have been running consistently now for around 5 years.  I originally started to run as a weight loss tool, but soon caught the running bug and haven’t looked back!  I joined St Theresa’s Athletic Club back in 2014 and now regularly take part in all sorts of events, with distances up to half marathon and over various terrain.  I have paced at 10k and parkrun events in the past and have found it is a hugely rewarding aspect of running. 

Ruth Muir 1hr 5mins - I started running when I tentatively dipped my toe into my local triathlon club while doing my house jobs in Hillingdon many years ago, and was hooked.  Running was always my most natural discipline, but I hated running races and found them overwhelming.  Since having the children there is only time for one sport - running is my headspace, my key to the countryside and I now love running events for the camaraderie and challenge.

I've really enjoyed pacing friends and colleagues to personal goals previously so am excited to be doing this on a bigger scale as part of a team.

James Khan 1hr 10mins - Hi I’m James, I’ve been running since the age of 7 at Princess Mary Athletics Club Juniors where I now occasionally coach on the weekends. My biggest running achievement was running my first half marathon in Leeds in 2016, it took a lot of work to get there. I love volunteering and my love of running means pacing seems like a logical and wonderful thing to do.

Stacey Goodyear 1hr 10mins - Hi I'm Stacey. I started running for fun (and to lose weight) about 10 years ago. My first race was Leeds 10k in 2008 which gave me the buzz for racing. A fair few years later I discovered parkrun, made lots of new running friends and joined St Theresas running club. Since joining the club I've done a variety of races and am working my way towards a marathon!!

So many people have helped me along this wonderful journey and now it's time for me to help others. Come run with me if your aim is to run a 70 minute 10k - you CAN do it, I'll make sure of it. See you there

Sam Taylor 1hr 15mins - I have always been thankful to people for helping me out, whether  when I started running, pacing for PBs or genuinely just completing a race. Those people are awesome, and I want to be one of those people. Plus the group are a brilliant team to be a part of and I’m very excited to join them.

Jessica Dodds 1hr 15mins - Hi I’m Jess, I started running after I had my 2 boys (currently aged 2 and 3) as pounding the streets was my peace and quiet I’ve kept going and completed various distances including a marathon. I’m a vegan runner. I went Vegan 2 weeks before my first marathon and never looked back. I got into pacing as the running community is the best, so I can’t wait to give back and help other runners smash their goals.

Dave Wood 1hr 20mins - Hi I’m Dave. I’ve been running since doing the Yorkshire Half Marathon in 1985. I restarted again aged 30 to try to get some fitness back. Looking forward to helping people achieve their goals. Enjoy the training and the race and the good it is doing to you!

Helen Fenton 1hr 20mins - Hi I’m Helen. Why did I start running? Sadly I lost a friend to cancer and it made me realise that you have to go get life, do the things you want to do.  If I inspire someone to take up running, try a new distance or simply enjoy the freedom/feeling it brings, that’s a huge compliment. I’ve run over 30 marathons and have done some ultras but I wanted to take part in races without racing and it’s very rewarding helping others to achieve their goals.

Louise Sheppard 1hr 25mins - Hi, I’m Louise. I started running in 2014 as part of St Theresa’s beginners group. It was hard at first and I struggled to find the motivation, but with the support and encouragement of my club I continued running and since then I have competed over various distances from 5k to half marathons. I’m looking forward to helping others cross the line, whether it is your first race or you’re focused on achieving a time.

Leanne Vaughan 1hr 25mins - I started running because my brother signed me up for the Leeds Half - without me knowing! I’ve had a lot of support from people at my running club who have paced me to many PBs. It’s awesome to be able to give something back.

Judy Lankester 1hr 30mins - My friend dragged me kicking and screaming to the first TN parkrun promising to run together. Lost her after the first 15 seconds. Probably loved the cake afterwards more than the run but continued nonetheless and now can’t stop. I’ll try my best to help and encourage and make it fun - failing that I’ll let you swear as much as you want to.

Tracey Parsons 1hr 30mins - I got into running as part of a mission to lose weight. I joined a running club and while training with others I really found my love of running, I even surprised myself at what I could achieve. I love encouraging others and watching them achieve their goals.         



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