Nottingham 10K

Race Date: 31st May 2020 9:30am

Meet our Pacers

Sponsored by Arla our team of pacers on the day will be pacing at 5 minute intervals between 40 minutes and 1 hour 30 minutes. They will be wearing backpack with flags displaying the finish time they are pacing, and will assemble in the correct area according to predicted times. Use them to hit your personal targets and be sure to say thanks once you’ve crossed the line!


Tim Baggs 40mins - I race for the GBR Age Group team in triathlon and duathlon, and have recently returned from the World Duathlon Championships in Spain where I finished 13th - the fourth time in six years I’ve finished in that position. I am also racing at the European Duathlon Championships in Romania in July. I’ve paced informally at parkruns so this is a progression.

Ian Chant 40minsI was part of the team that help to start 2 local parkruns and on a personal level I wanted to get my half marathon time to sub 1.20 and the full marathon time to sub 3 hours and I achieved those goals. Pacing allows you to help others achieve their goals and creates some added pressure on yourself.


Mike Widdowson 45mins - I love pacing, it's so rewarding helping people achieve goals and PBs. You also get to enjoy the run without having the pressure of trying to PB yourself. I’ll run nice even splits all the way and give you plenty of support over the lumpy bits. Don’t go off too fast, that first km might feel easy above race pace, but it’s going to come back and hurt you later.


Wade Fodden 50mins - I was inspired to run by a lot of people. I had colleagues, close friends and family members who all ran and I saw the benefits and experiences that they were enjoying. I realised that I had become very inactive so I put on shorts, t shirt and trainers and ran round the block (1.5miles). I was almost sick but it made me realise how unfit I really was.

It should be a great event in Nottingham. Come and say hello beforehand and introduce yourself.

Cameron Lane 55mins - My P.E teacher at was a very keen runner and encouraged us all to participate in running club at school. I started running when I was 11 and have enjoyed it ever since. I have completing 6 half marathons and achieved my fastest time of 1 hour 56 minutes 32 seconds at the Colchester Half Marathon in March. I am confident that I will run at a pace to finish in 55mins and I will also support and encourage those around me.

Laura McCristal 1hr - I’ve been running for almost four years (inspired by my brother) and last year I had an amazing year with my running and achieving so much with distance and pace and got so many PBs. I wanted to top it off with a marathon as I was going so well (even though I always said never) however it wasn’t meant to be. This year is all about having fun and social running rather than races.

I’ve volunteered to pace as I’ve never paced before and would like to help people achieve a goal or PB.


Jo Chilton 1hr 5mins - I started running because I wanted to get fitter. Last year I ran 1,000.7 miles. This is my first attempt at pacing so just wanted to give it a go. I’m just hoping I can correctly pace the time as know how frustrating it can be if you follow a pacer who doesn’t run at a consistent pace.


Sarah Morley 1hr 10mins - I joined the C25K with Long Eaton Running club 3 years ago and the rest his history! When it comes to training for the race I would say increase your distance steadily and hydrate and rehydrate as appropriate.

Jo Moore 1hr 10mins - You should only follow me if you want 1:10 - if you want faster I’ll be following you!  To train for this it's best to mix it up - speed running, hill work and distance. Time on your feet is what’s important, so if you can run for 1hr 30 (no matter the distance) you will be fine for 1:10.  It’s nice to be able to encourage others as I know how helpful it is when I’m out running (and struggling at times!) and someone simply tells me ‘you can do it’ - it makes all the difference.

Gail Sudbury 1hr 15mins - I started running to get fit and meet new people. My biggest running achievement to date is the Monsal Trail Half Marathon, I ran all the way! I will endeavour to get you to the finish sub 1:15 and give you all the encouragement you need.



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