Sheffield 10K

Race Date: 23rd September 2018

Meet our Pacers

Stuart Carrack - Sub 40mins

Hi I'm Stuart and a member of Steel City Striders. I have been running now since about 2013. Racing distances from 5km to the marathon and anything inbetween! I have previously enjoyed pacing at many other events such as the 2017 Sheffield Half Marathon, Percy Pud 10k and last years Sheffield 10k. I'm really looking forward to this years race and helping everyone running with me to their sub40 target.


Matt Rimmer – Sub 45mins

Hi, I'm Matt your 45 minute pacer. I have been running for 5 years, 3 of those with the Steel City Striders, and have taken part in events from 5k to 50 miles. In 2016 I managed PB's at 5k (18:18), 10k (37:45) and half marathon (1:26:33) and also completed full and ultra marathons. I have paced the Sheffield 10k in 2016 and 2 of the Yorkshire Half Marathons. Start behind me then sprint passed me before the finish line and you'll be on for sub 45. I look forward to pacing some of you to new PBs 

Happy running. 



Dan Lilley – Sub 50mins


I’m Dan and I am a member of the Steel City Striders in Sheffield. I first started running to raise cash for a charity and lose 5 stone worth of takeaways and beer. At the time I couldn’t run a mile without stopping and if it wasn’t for the help of others I would have never been able to complete 10k’s, half marathons and a marathon.

I’ve been part of many races where a pacer has got me through to the finish, so I’m very excited to return the favour and get you all over that line in sub 50.

See you all on race day.


Jason Brannon – Sub 55mins


 I'm Jase and as well as being a runner with the wonderful Steel City Striders - I'll be pacing the sub 55 mins bus at the Sheffield 10k this year. The good news is that last year I came in about 20 seconds under time, I've been running all kinds of distances for 10 years, mostly don't bite and can be approached without caution.


Andrew Long – Sub 1hr



 Hi, I'm Andrew and i've been running since August 2015 when I belatedly discovered parkrun. I've been a Strider since June 2016 and I love running the roads (and parkruns) of Sheffield. I'm really excited to be pacing my hometown event and really looking forward to helping you to get you round in Sub 60. 


Kevin Rains – Sub 1hr 5mins 


 Hi, I have been running for over 25 years and found that every time I raced there was always someone around to encourage me to do better whether it was fellow club mates or other runners. For the past few years I have tried to give something back whether it is leading club runs for Steel City Striders or pacing in races. Everyone needs encouragement and if I can help people gain a PB or just to get over that mental time barrier then it will give me great pleasure. 

I hope we all have a great race on the day and hope fully you will all enjoy being paced along.


Jane Wright Saunders – Sub 1hr 10mins 


Hello my name is Jane Wright Saunders and I am a member of the steel city striders rc in Sheffield, I have been a member of the club for just over a year now but have been running for over 13 years. I have competed in numerous 10k races, half marathons and a marathon. If you want to gain a sub 70 minutes then please feel free to run along with me, I will chat to you and support you every inch of the way. 


Zoe Dickinson – Sub 1hr 15mins 


..I started running for the first time ever when I saw the big 40 approaching! I now have run several half marathons, trail runs and relays.  I love social running so please come and join me, together we will get you that pb

See you all soon



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