Derby Half Marathon

Race Date: 7th June 2020

Meet our pacers

Sponsored by Arla Protein, our team of pacers on the day will be pacing at 5 minute intervals between 1hr 30minutes and 2 hours 20minutes. They will be wearing backpack with flags displaying the finish time they are pacing, and will assemble in the correct area according to predicted times. Use them to hit your personal targets and be sure to say thanks once you’ve crossed the line!


Andy MacEwan 1hr 30minsRunning with a consistently paced and supportive group makes it easier to achieve your sub-1.30 goal on the day. I have followed pacers before and have also received lots of help from various people at my running club Shelton Striders since I joined – pacing allows me to give something back in return.

Shaun Bott 1hr 30mins - I know how intimidating running can be to those new to running or those who don't class themselves as fast runners. I am passionate about helping other runners to achieve their running goals whilst having fun in the process. I paced at last year's Derby Half Marathon and thoroughly enjoyed it, knowing that I was helping people hit the sub 1:30 mark (I finished in 1:29:28)


Michael Martin 1hr 35mins - I started running to lose weight and my biggest running achievement to date is a 2:52 finish at the Boston Marathon. I can pace accurately and I want to help others achieve their PBs.

Stephen Hawkins 1hr 35mins - I can help you maximise your running potential by advising on training, diet, motivation etc. My best advice for training for the distance is to build the mileage up slowly and vary the workouts so that they might include a longer run at a steady pace, a tempo run and intervals.  Plenty of rest/recovery time in between workouts, which may include some cross training such as cycling or swimming.


Brian Thomas 1hr 40mins - I started running 7 years ago and have never looked back, as it keeps both the mind and body healthy. Having been a pacer at this event for the last two years and having raced it for three years hopefully we shouldn’t get lost! We will be pacing nice and even splits throughout the race ensuring you achieve your goal, so let us worry about the pacing which will allow you to enjoy the run.

Sam Peach 1hr 40mins - One of my biggest running achievements to date is doing 10 marathons in 10 days. I have nearly 30 years running experiences that has taught me a lot. I am giving something back to the sport I love and enjoy helping others reach their goals.



Richie Wheatcroft 1hr 45mins - Started running to lose weight and get fit. I am become a very experienced Pace Maker at both 10k and half marathon and have never failed to bring in runners at the required time. The best advice I can give is have a structured plan and stick to it!

James Realey 1hr 50mins - I started running to lose weight and beat my dad – neither of which I have done. The best advice I can offer is do the training beforehand and enjoy the race.

Aaron Needham 1hr 50mins - Why should runners follow me? Because I run funny! I wanted to become a pacer because I like to see others achieve. What’s an interesting fact about me? That I’m not very interesting.


Janine Gall 1hr 55mins - I started running 6 years ago when a friend told me I was too old to run and challenged me to run a 10k.  So I did it and in the same year stepped it up to half marathon and full marathon distance and haven’t looked back since. Run with me if your aim is to get round in under 2 hours.  I’ll encourage and motivate you and we’ll cross the line smiling.

Tim Wade 1hr 55mins - I started running to get fitter when I graduated - a long time ago! My biggest running achievement is completing an ultra marathon earlier this year when I ran 42 miles in around 8 hours. The best advice I can offer is to enjoy your running, run with someone else sometimes and sometimes run without a watch.

Matt Henning 2hrs - I have been a pacer for this event for the last 3 years, so stick with us and we will get you that sub 2 hours. Ramathon was my first half marathon when it returned in 2014. I also ran it in 2015 and this is where I met the legendary Pink Pacers from Shelton Striders. They were great chatting away as we ran putting people at ease and taking their mind off the distance / pace.

Michael Richards 2hrs - Runners should follow me because if I get lost I’ve got someone to ask for directions! My training advice for the race would be to build up slowly and try not to put pressure on yourself with times. It's all about getting to the start line in one piece.

Dean Ward 2hrs 5mins - It’s always nice to be paced as you don’t have to worry about looking at your watch. I have paced the race for the last four years and I love helping others to achieve their goal.

Fiona Hawkins 2hrs 5mins - I’ve run 29 marathons with number 30 lined up for August. I run because - quite simply - I can.  If you have air in your lungs, then please go and run.  On the good days, run.  On the bad days, run a bit further. Running has got me through the darkest days of my life and wow, has it given me some of my happiest.

Gary King 2hrs 10mins - My biggest running achievement to date is the Leicester Half Marathon but I’m aiming for a marathon in October. My advice would be just go out and enjoy your race and soak up the atmosphere along the way.

Dave Williams 2hrs 10mins - I started running after seeing the London Marathon on tv many moons ago. To give you an idea, I think they had about 5 competitors! Being a pacer allows me to give back. My advice would get miles in your legs via training and ensure you hydrate properly before and during the race and enjoy it.

John Sheil 2hrs 15minsSo many times, pacers have helped me to achieve my running goals – I felt it was time to give something back (and I was told that I’d still get a medal).  My training advice would be to aim to get to the start line injury free.  If you are fairly new to running, build up your distance steadily week on week to try and avoid injury.

Liz Phillips 2hrs 20minsI started running to lose weight after having children and to keep fit. I am good at pacing a race evenly and I became a pacer to help others to achieve their targets and I love running.

Alyson Woodcock 2hrs 25mins - I started running just to see if I could and completed my first marathon (London) aged 52, in 4 hours 49 minutes. I want to be able to help others who may be finding it hard after I nearly DNF at Manchester Marathon this year.

Vicky Beardall 2hrs 25mins - Starting running in the summer of 2017,  I wanted to be a better role model to my children after losing my own mum in Oct 2017 I saw how much health and fitness needs to be taken into your own hands. I want my kids and my dad to be proud of me. 


Eamon Hughes 2hrs 30mins - I will do my  to help you achieve the target time you are aiming for by cajoling, encouraging and persuading. I also know when to shut up! Speed is not of the essence, concentrate on getting round comfortably and remember if you are doing 5k, the final 1k is the worst and if you are doing a half marathon the final 1 mile is the worst. A lot of it is in the mind. Don’t run the practice the full distance a week before the race.

Tony Smith Lambu 2hrs 30mins - My niece Susan Louise Smith was diagnosed with cancer aged approximately 14 in 1989. Susan won that battle. Remission lasted until Susan was in her early 30s when cancer returned. In 2006  Susan completed the race for life with her own life ebbing away. Susan passed away on Valentine’s Day 2008 aged 33. So I decided to do the Derby 10k in 2007 after seeing my niece complete the race for life the previous year in 2006. And I have completed it every year since. 





























































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