Leeds Half Marathon

Race Date: 10th May 2020 at 9.30am

Meet our pacers

Sponsored by Arla Protein, our team of pacers on the day will be pacing at 5 minute intervals between 1hr 30minutes and 2 hours 20minutes. They will be wearing backpack with flags displaying the finish time they are pacing, and will assemble in the correct area according to predicted times. Use them to hit your personal targets and be sure to say thanks once you’ve crossed the line!


Christopher Rayner 1hr 30minsIf you want to break sub 1:30 then I know the course like the back of my hand and how to pace you through the uphill first half having paced it many times before.  I will be encouraging you all along the way.  It’s very rewarding to be able to help other runners achieve their targets and the smiles at the end are fabulous!

Paul Molloy 1hr 35mins 

Phil Jenkinson 1hr 35mins - I’ll pace based on effort. i.e. slow down for the uphill sections and speed up a bit on the downhills. I’m happy to chat whilst pacing too! I’m a regular pacer at my local Parkrun and I love helping people achieve their goals.


Robin Beaumont 1hr 40mins - I became a pacer to help others.  I've got a lot of experience racing half’s so it's good to give something back. I can keep an even pace and can give encouragement to keep people going.

Naz Zameer 1hr 40mins - Every Sat morning without fail I will run a parkrun. I have run 418 consecutive parkruns and they are all after a nightshift at work. I’m a good motivator and can give encouragement as I run. I am also very consistent with my pacing.

Ross Giles 1hr 45minsOne of the most fulfilling aspects of pacing is helping people hit their goals and target times whilst also making it enjoyable! There will be fun, chat, plenty of encouragement and some general nudging towards the end to help people achieve their goals.

Steve Welch 1hr 45mins - I started running when I was persuaded to do a 10k by my parents as a bit of fun with my family and it dramatically snowballed from there! My training advice would be trying to fit in a long run at the weekend (12-15 miles) and 5-7 miles at race pace during the week as your key sessions.

David Hargreaves 1hr 50mins - OK, you've done the whole sub-2hrs half-marathon thing, now's the time to get serious and chip a huge chunk of time off your PB and come and run with me for a 1:49:59! I've used pacers before in races and found them incredibly beneficial to my performances and I wanted to give something back to the wider running community and help people get the time they've been chasing.

Peter Mainwaring 1hr 50mins

Alex Buckley 1hr 55mins - I’ve enjoy regularly pacing at my local parkrun and love helping people to achieve their goals. Build yourself up to the distance little by little, don’t be tempted to suddenly up the mileage because you’re feeling good. Make a training plan and try and stick to it as best as life allows, then trust in your training on race day.

John Burgess 1hr 55minsI started running in November 2013. After watching the Manchester marathon, watching people of all shapes and sizes and age I thought I could do that for Alzheimers, in memory of my mother. Runners should follow me as I will encourage you all the way to get to your target time. Also we will have a chat and laugh on the way.

Marie-Angelique Bueler 2hrs - The 2:00 mark is a very impressive half marathon time and Leeds is a great course. Bit of a hill though, in the first half, but we can tackle the course together and make the time go by more quickly. I love the buzzing atmosphere at races but races are much more enjoyable when you get to motivate others, while still getting a great workout in as well.

Sadia Haq 2hrs - I have paced this event before, so I know where the hills are. I’m good at keeping a steady pace and I know the right words to keep people going. It’s nice to sit back and enjoy a run while helping people reach their targets. I know how I’ve appreciated pacers at races so it’s a good way of giving something back to the running community.

Alison Wainwright 2hr 5mins - My biggest running achievement was sticking with it and through that, I’ve ran countless PB’s and times that seemed impossible when I first started. Why should you follow me? To go sub 2:05 of course!! I’ve paces this distance many times before, so you can be confident that I will get you across the line with a smile on your face and just that little bit closer to sub 2.

Alice Nicolay 2hr 10mins - It is a really special experience to run a race a bit slower than your own threshold pace - you can really take in the atmosphere and experience of the day. It is amazing to be able to encourage other runners on race day - the running community is so supportive, I really enjoy giving something back. Last year I became a Guide for Visually Impaired Runners through Athletics England.

Gary Daniels 2hr 10mins - Don’t skimp on the hills training. Including hills as part of your run is proven to building your strength and your race pace. Remember Butcher Hill isn’t flat!

If your following a training plan, understand what each part of the plan is designed to do. Listen to your body and if you have a niggle, don’t be silly and run on it, look at a cross train alternative instead (swimming, cycling, elliptical or strength work).

Lauren Bailey  2hr 15mins - I joined Chorlton Runners as a way to meet people when I first moved to Manchester. I quickly caught the running bug, and haven't stopped running since! Pacers have helped me achieve PBs, and there is no better feeling than getting that PB. Now I think it's my turn to help others achieve that same buzz!

Tim Blackwell 2hr 15mins - For a half marathon I like to have run at least ten miles a few times. But my fastest times are after mixing that with longer runs, some speed-work and a few hills! Having benefitted from following pacers previously I wanted to be of help to others. Also I’ve really enjoyed pacing at parkruns, trying to hit that exact time.

Hannah Coates 2hr 20minsI lead in my running club, Chorlton Runners at our Tuesday and Sunday club runs so I’m pretty good at sticking to a pace. I pace parkrun sometimes and I’ve paced at the Leeds Half Marathon before in 2017; I really enjoyed helping people achieve their potential. Pacing is really all about helping people achieve their potential and running is always better with other people.

Tom Marler 2hr 20mins - For a half marathon I like to have run at least ten miles a few times. But my fastest times are after mixing that with longer runs, some speed-work and a few hills! Having benefitted from following pacers previously I wanted to be of help to others. Also I’ve really enjoyed pacing at parkruns, trying to hit that exact time.


























































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