Sheffield Half Marathon

Race Date: 29th March 2020 at 9.30am

Meet our pacers

Sponsored by Arla Protein, our team of pacers on the day will be pacing at 5 minute intervals between 1hr 30minutes and 2 hours 20minutes. They will be wearing backpack with flags displaying the finish time they are pacing, and will assemble in the correct area according to predicted times. Use them to hit your personal targets and be sure to say thanks once you’ve crossed the line!

Joe Sweetnam-Powell 1hr 30minsI was considering pacing this event for a good workout while helping others but when I heard it was difficult to find anyone fast enough to pace 90 minutes, and that there are extra perks, I was straight on it. I love my statistics when it comes to running and I use heart rate as an effort gauge and I think this will help me to pace the half marathon well.

Mark Gray 1hr 30mins - Runners should follow me because I’m tall and my bald head will be easy to spot! I’ve started doing a bit of coaching and have really enjoyed helping others achieve their goals.   Hopefully I can do the same with my pacing.  Also it’s a great event on a beautiful course, and I’ve fancied running it for a few years now.

David Forrest 1hr 35mins - Follow me because I’ll bring you home in 1:34:59! I love helping people achieve their goals, and hopefully I can take at least some of the stress out of the race for those who choose to follow me. Interesting fact - I’m the co-author of a book about the best British film ever: Kes.

John Kilcoyne 1hr 35mins - I started running to try to keep the weight off after packing in Sunday league football. Pacing is one of my stronger points and I usually race quite conservatively as I like to have something left in the tank for the 2nd half of the race. I wasn't planning on doing the half marathon, so when the opportunity came along to help other people get their targets it seemed like a good chance to enjoy the atmosphere of the race at the same time as helping other runners. 

Matt Rimmer 1hr 40mins - I've pace a few different events and always manage to get the time right. So stick with me to dip under 1:40:00. I like the idea of helping others achieve their goal. After I paced once I got the bug and now enjoy it as much as racing, and it's a lot less painful. Aim for consistency with the weekly training and give yourself time to rest and recover after each session.

Jack Swindells 1hr 40minsI have always been into running from a young age. My Dad was and still is a keen fell runner, so I've tried to follow in his footsteps. My advice would be to make sure you enjoy your training and not put too much pressure on yourself. It's great to achieve a PB, but of you have an off day, it's not the end of the world. The photo is of me running the 2013 Sheffield Half Marathon. It wasn't official, but I confidently suspect I was first fairy that year!

Alex Green 1hr 45minsI made a drunken New Year’s resolution that I would run Sheffield Half Marathon, never having run before. My first ever run lasted 400 metres and wasn't pretty at all. This will be my 4th Sheffield Half so it's fair to say I enjoy it.

I've run with pacers a few times in races now and on more than one occasion when the going has got tough they've got me through it and I felt it was time to return the favour.

Keith Jackson 1hr 45mins - This will be my first half marathon since being given the all clear after cancer. I enjoy volunteering, especially for the Steel City Striders. It is equally as rewarding as running. It’s a pleasure to help, support and encourage others to reach their goals. Definitely include hill running - both up and down - in your training. Going downhill can unexpectedly be the toughest part at the Sheffield Half.

Richard Pegg 1hr 50mins - Having taken so much from running, I am pacing because I now want to put something back. Runners should follow me to get a respectable time. It’s a game of 2 halves the Sheffield Half. Know where you need to hang on - that hill - and where you can stretch the legs.

Nicola Ross 1hr 50mins - I started running to get in shape after the birth of my first child, caught the bug and 12 years on still love it. I became a pacer because I want to support others to achieve their goals. I will provide lots of motivation to give people that extra push. Train on some hilly routes and it will help you conquer that hill.

Andy Wuffindin (Wuff) 1hr 55mins - Runners should follow me to gain that sub 1.55. You provide the legs and I will provide the encouragement and motivation to get you up that hill, or as I like to call it a mound of opportunity. The views are amazing once up there. Then onto the downhill section with the wonderful support from the crowds. Don’t forget to save some energy for that winning smile at the finish when you have achieved your target time.

Tom Brooks 1hr 55minsI started doing parkrun in 2011 to give me a sense of achievement and enjoyment, in a period of my life when everything else was going a bit rubbish. It worked. Pacers have helped me achieve big results in the past, so I wanted to help do the same. Don’t go out too fast. Very easily done and a costly mistake at Sheffield with the uphill start.

Ben Stittle 2hrs - I began running at the start of 2017 with the Sheffield Half being my first major event. My biggest achievement to date is managing to come back from a lung operation in late 2017 and going on to complete 4 marathons throughout 2018. For me being a pacer in my home town half is more exciting than racing it for my own personal goals. Breaking 2 hours is a holy grail for so many and would be a massive achievement, especially on a course like Sheffield's.

Nicola Birch 2hrs - I’m determined to bring those looking for a 2:00-hour half-marathon or just under round in a personal best time. I’ve practiced the course and the pacing and know the hills like the back of my hand! Runners should follow me for a sensibly paced run that leaves them with something in the tank for a final kick.

Nicky Campbell 2hr 5mins - I wanted to become a pacer as I have always found pacing easy and would like to share that with others. And I think I look great with a big flag. Follow me as this is the 6th time I have run the Sheffield Half Marathon as well as other half marathons, marathons and ultra marathons under my belt.

Sam Keen 2hr 5mins - I’ve paced a few Parkruns previously and have done that pretty successfully. I’ll also provide lots of encouragement to get you over that line. I’ve really enjoyed pacing in the past. It’s a great way of getting a run in and remaining disciplined. The best part about it is when you hear from the ones you’ve helped get a massive PB.

Rachel Anderson 2hr 10mins - I started running 5 years ago because my 8 year old took me along to a parkrun. I love running and want to encourage others to achieve their personal challenge. Pacing is a great opportunity to do this. I am a happy runner. I'll encourage you all around to achieve something you never thought you could. And we will be smiling.

Martin Greenough 2hr 10mins - I started running to balance my busy life and stressful job. My biggest running achievement is that all five members of my family run parkrun on a Saturday morning. Helping others achieve a PB is way more satisfying than knocking a second off my own. My advice for the run is to train your body and silence your brain when it tells you it’s tough.

Catherine McKeown  2hr 15mins - If you want to get up that hill and feel fresh enough to fly at the top, stick with me, I will keep you on track for wonderfulness. As well as building up distance during your training, include short fast sessions in your plan as these will make you stronger and give you the power you need to finish in style.

Scott Liddle 2hr 15minsI have run this route many times and it can be quite challenging, so I can keep runners informed about what lies ahead which can help with keeping focused and prepared. I will also be keeping runners motivated while we are on the move. I love running and I get a lot of pleasure out of helping others, so being a pacer combines the two.

Regan Hanson 2hr 20mins - I love pacing, this is my second year doing the Sheffield Half, and I've paced numerous parkruns. I love helping people towards their goals. Runners should follow me because I have an infectious energy to pull you along… and a nice bum! My biggest running achievement is proposing to my now wife at the finish line of the Plymouth half marathon.

Phil Davies 2hr 20mins - A plague of injuries have scuppered my plan for a sub 4 hour spring marathon, so I thought I'd try to help others to achieve their spring running goals. I think we enjoy races more if we feel we have achieved something and hopefully I will help someone to a PB and encourage people to push on with their running.  


























































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