A Year To Complete Her 60 by 60 Challenges

Sally is aiming to smash 60 personal challenges before she turns 60 and the 2018 Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon is next up.

Sally Arkinstall, 59, is getting ready to run the Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon on Sunday 14th October as she aims to complete 60 personal challenges before she turns 60 years old.

Speaking to Run For All, Sally explained: “Over the course of this year I am working through a list of 60 personal challenges to complete before I turn 60 years old. Running a marathon is somewhere near the top of my list.

“In 2012 I thought about running a marathon but wasn’t sure that I could manage the training, so I signed up to do the Great North Run and the Glasgow Half Marathon just two weeks apart.

“So far, this is as close to a marathon I have got. I now have a proud marathon PB of just over a fortnight”, Sally joked.

Sally still possesses a strong ambition to complete a marathon, so this year she has decided to go for it and sign up for the Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon.

Sally took up running in 2005. She threw herself in at the deep end with a half marathon having never run before or owned a pair of running shoes.

Back then training was a daunting prospect for Sally, as it can be for anyone new to running. To avoid being seen, she decided to sneak out early one morning.

“I thought that I would sneak out early one Sunday morning and go for a run without anyone seeing me. I opened the door and set off as fast as I could. 

“Of course, I was totally out of breath and wheezing in the cold air before I reached the top of the road. Unluckily, I ran straight into a neighbour - so much for not being seen!

“I got the full ‘Morning Sally what are you training for?’ I was thereafter known to my neighbours as Sally the runner.”

Since those early running days, Sally has become a more confident and enthusiastic runner with one simple goal - finishing.

 “I’m most concerned about finishing. I have never aspired to be a fast runner; a good time is just an added bonus to the main achievement of getting over that finish line.”

Sally’s big Yorkshire Marathon challenge is less than six months away and her training has started - as it has for many other runners.

“My training so far this year has been odd bits here and there.

“I’m quite happy running 10 miles but I’m a bit nervous that a marathon may prove to be 16 miles too far - but if I don’t try I won’t find out!”

It’s that determined mentality that has allowed Sally to complete her many half marathons and will undoubtedly carry her over the finish line in six months’ time.

Like many people running the 2018 Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon, Sally will be running for a charity. In 2017 her first grand-daughter took everyone by surprise and was born at just 33 weeks. Inspired by the resilience shown by her grand-daughter to become a healthy and happy baby, Sally will be running this year’s Yorkshire Marathon for Bliss – a charity that helps support families with premature babies.

Fancy supporting Sally on Sunday 14th October? Click to learn more about 2018’s Asda Foundation Yorkshire Marathon.

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