After completing 50 Half Marathons in 50 years, Andy Green is going for the big 100!

69 half marathons down, 31 to go for Andy on his mammoth personal challenge.


Andy Green, 52, from Swinton in South Yorkshire, aiming to complete 100 half marathons after smashing 50 in 50 years.

Andy completed number 69 of his half marathon challenge at the Asda Foundation Sheffield Half Marathon on Sunday 8th April.

Speaking to Run For All, Andy said: “I run to have a good time not for a good finishing time. I am far more focused on enjoying my runs and celebrating at the finish lines.

“Having decided not to chase finishing times, I have needed another goal. Firstly, I aimed to complete 50 half marathons by the time I was 50. Once I had completed this challenge, I asked myself what next?

“I decided to go for 100 half marathons. I am not putting a date on it, so as long as I am fit enough I will press on until I can get there.”

Andy has always been a keen follower of athletics and was involved at county level for sprinting distances during his school years.

Andy did not continue to run after school which remains a regret. In fact, it was not until a self-confessed ‘mid-life crisis’ that Andy got back into running aged 40.

“After I left school one of my biggest regrets is not carrying on with running but cramps and a few injuries put me off.

“For many years I would watch the London Marathon and major championship events on TV and say to myself I wouldn’t mind getting back into running.

“Then I suppose it was my mid-life crisis. When I hit 40, I decided to give it a go. I knew I wouldn’t return to sprinting so I decided to consider longer distances.”

Andy has not looked back. Gradually building up his endurance from a few miles a full 26.2-mile marathon, Andy has become a keen long distance runner. His efforts have proven that, given the appropriate time and effort, anyone can enjoy long-distanced running.

He now hopes to encourage other people to take up running as a healthy hobby, no matter of age or ability. His message remains clear: ‘enjoy yourself, don’t get obsessed with your time’.

“I found that chasing personal bests all the time began to cause injuries and started to take some of the enjoyment out of running.

“I would run events all over the country and come back disappointed with my times.

“I decided I was not going to race anymore; I was going to run. I wanted to go back to where I started and encourage other runners of all abilities to run and enjoy it.”

Throughout his mammoth personal challenge, Andy has been running and raising money for various charities and good causes.

“I have been getting involved with the Jane Tomlinson events and Run For All pretty much since day one. Being local to Yorkshire, they were well organised and very convenient.

“As the number of completed events began to build, I decided to run for charity and run for a few different ones over the years.

“My chosen charity to support for a number of the races was SPARKS - a children’s medical research charity. They’re fairly small but are very welcoming and do some great work.”

Now concentrating on half marathons, Andy will take on number 70 at the North Lincolnshire Half Marathon in Scunthorpe on Sunday 6th May.

Shortly after, he will be taking on Run For All’s very own Asda Foundation Leeds Half Marathon on Sunday 13th May and Asda Foundation Hull Half Marathon on Sunday 10th June.

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